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  1. I played it through just fine. Except for some odd cutscenes, three or four crashes and random drops in framerate (which might be due to bad optimization or GFX-card compatibility), I didn't really notice anything critical.
  2. Well, while I wouldn't argue that the use of "he" kinda indicates a male Revan, I wouldn't say that there's anything to indicate his alignment. Just because he was evil when he created the outposts doesn't mean he have to be evil to use them, right? If they are secret, perhaps there's no troops there that could stop him from using it. But of course, you'll have to look at the accuracy and legitimacy of the source, like you said, as well.
  3. Actually, I believe it's a percent of the max vitality, or perhaps a function of your attributes (constitution only most likely). Try getting a very high vitality, and you'll get more than 1 point regenerated per second. I could probably find out how to calculated the regeneration without too much trouble, but it's getting late and it really doesn't matter. Maybe tomorrow if anyone cares.
  4. Er, I seem to be alone in my interpretation. Let's take a look at the reply and what it replied to: Statement: "Not to be too harsh I did like the game. Its a good game its just not in the league of Kotor 1. The game failings are bugs, dialog and the ending." Answer: "Well, enjoy your stay amongst the ranks of the minority." What most of you seem to be doing is focusing on the last two sentences. I.e. a mild way of saying that the game is bad. In that case, yes, the comment would be a bit rude as it would more or less mean that most people like the game and possibly that Obsidian don't care about the minority that doesn't. However, I believe what you should look at is the first part: "...I did like the game.". If that's what he was replying to, it can actually be viewed as him admitting that the game isn't as good as it should've been, and that they know there are a lot of people who feel that way.
  5. Ah, that would explain a lot, I guess. Well, have you openened the morgue, talked to Kreia and taken the weapon on the corpse (don't remember, some sort of tool like a welder)? You should use that to bash the door open, I'm not sure if you can do anything before you've spoken to Kreia.
  6. To be honest, I didn't see it as an arrogant comment. I saw it as black humor (something I quite often employ myself). I think you're overreacting here.
  7. Well, I've read through the item listing, and I can't seem to find any special saber that could be your original one. Either I missed something on the list, you can't get it at all, or you can get it but it's just a normal lightsaber. Don't let me stop you from trying, though.
  8. Oh, sorry. I used the abbreviation without thinking. Observation window was what I meant to say. There should be a room with a ramp up that leads straight to a computer console in front of a window where you can see the Ebon Hawk. In the room, the lower level, there should also be two doors. One can be unlocked by the droid, the other only later. Use the console to open one of the doors and you should see a ramp down, followed by a left U-turn, and another ramp down. Eventually, you'll reach a new area and there will be a large pipeline structure there. Somewhere in that area (it's a small area), you should find a miners corpse and he should have the explosives you need.
  9. I think the detonator should do the job. If you want to make sure, I think this is how to find the explosives to open it: Go to the obs window console, hack it and open the locked door. Go through it and you should find a narrow hallway going down, with some turns. At the bottom, a new area with a large pipeline. In that area, there should be a corpse with the charges, and I believe a datapad as well. But I'm quite sure the menu should be there regardless of whether you have the explosives or not.
  10. There's a feat to increase the regeneration, so I'd assume it was intentional.
  11. A bit too stereotypical a comment for my taste, but I must admit it's an interesting theory.
  12. Check your inventory to see if you actually have any mines (I think they are supposed to be sonic mines). If you don't, you need to find some and they should show up as the right button of the three. If you have several types of mines, you will see some arrows above and below the picture so you can select which type of mine you want to use.
  13. Oh yeah, if you want to complain about doors you can't open, wait until you get to Telos, planet-side. Now there's a door that resulted in a lot of frustration for me...
  14. This is as the droid, right? You first have to find some mines, then you can use them to blow the door open. They are on a corpse near a big pipe, if I remember correctly.
  15. It's just the cut that does it for me. White hair is no problem, and short hair doesn't have to be a bad thing (Mira's hair is rather short and that looks perfectly fine. Can't comment on Visas, as I don't think I actually got to see it. I did however imagine it about shoulder-length, straight and black/dark-brown, though.). But that particular cut is just so bad it makes me cringe.
  16. Like mentioned, he is completely anonymous. You get some hints that , but other than that, nothing. Then you meet him and strike him down in 3 or 4 rounds and you're done. Fast in, fast out and no lasting impression. They should've just put Sion there and had him escape somehow.
  17. You also disliked the handmaidens hair? Then I'm not alone, thank God. The haircut was horrible, and what made it even worse was that I thought that what turned out to be a hood in the concept art was actually hair (i.e. she had long, straight hair instead of short). So basically, I got a character with a bad haircut and my expectations crushed.
  18. Your point being? You can turn it on and off inside the menu, while ctrl should only enable/disable it temporarily. If this is a bug, you need to find out where it lies, and if you do get a cursor when holding ctrl, it's the game. If not, it's your computer.
  19. Press and hold ctrl (I'm not sure if you can change that button if you edited the layout, but I don't think so). If that makes the mouse show up, you have mouse look on. If not, this might be complicated (and I can't help you then).
  20. Meh, both pazaak and swoop racing is ridiculously easy if you ask me. Pazaak is a bit more difficult because it's random, but it can be easily fixed with the right cards (for me, that's the +/- cards and the special tie-breaker card you can get).
  21. Look at it from the bright side, it's twice as many choices as in the first game! Edit: Hmm, the post that was a reply to seems to be gone. Gonna make this a spoiler tag, just in case. I wouldn't worry about it ruining any plots or anything, but better safe than sorry:
  22. Handmaiden and Visas, sort of. Haven't gotten anything from Mira, but the other two seem a bit semi-interested, and Visas and my character seemed to have something strange, presumably romantic, going on towards the end. Apart from vague hints and odd metaphors, no romance that I can see, though.
  23. Hmm, is there any reason not to? Not for fun, of course, but I play until the other guy (or gal, or thing in some cases) gives up. I never turn down a chance to make money or get more items, especially not as a LS character, where you have to be disgustingly generous and turn down rewards all the time.
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