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  1. No, all he was talking about were the bounties I finished ages ago. I think the citizens that only give you one-liners thanked me, though iirc.
  2. I agree that jedi can do alot of damage quickly, but there are ways to prevent that from downing the boss too quickly. My main character had something like this: Level 27 Jedi Guardian 15 Jedi Weaponmaster 12 No armor (robe) Dual wielding light sabres. Unbuffed: Stats: 34 18 14 16 26 14 - 376 hp - 415 force - 34 defense - saves: 20 20 24 Attack: +50/+46 Damage: 27-52/18-50 Buffed: Stats: 39 23 19 21 31 19 - 430 hp - 467 force - 47 defense - saves: 28 28 32 Attack: +52/+48 Damage: 29-54/19-51 This is pretty hard to defend yourself against normally, so even Darth T
  3. Yes, that was disappointing. However, the journal entry moved to "Complete" after talking with the slug. So that's all you have to do. I was hoping to get some kind of reward (not necessarily credits, but maybe a party in my honor?) on Telos since I saved the whole planet more or less
  4. Same here. I just ignored the slug for a while, then did all the stuff right up until I was about to start the end game (the point of no return). At that point I was able to finish all the buggy quests that could not be finished before. (Or I still had the journal entry about the voice controlled door from the first planet that I never did, and thus never got rid of the journal entry even though the planet the quest belonged to was blown up, and thus impossible to return to )
  5. It's not so much that it was extremely easy (as in not a single fight was challenging at all), but the opponents didn't use any tactics. At least Malak did some running around to heal himself and power up. The downside was that it gave me time to heal, though. But in KotOR II the bosses didn't "do" anything. So you could just hit them over and over. Compared to other RPGs, this is rather disappointing. Like in Baldur's Gate, Sarevok had all kinds of minions - which made it a difficult fight. In BG2 you had to hack through alot of protective spells to even be able to hurt the boss. In T
  6. Aha! So it -WAS- the patch! Thanks for confirming my speculations. However, since I only had half of one planet left plus the end, I finished it with a semi-visible cursor by using the keyboard and the auto-targetting/next-target keys. And since I played a guardian I only had one offensive force power as well, I didn't have to browse through my powers alot. Also, since as a light jedi I got the all-in-one buff power, I didn't have to browse powers at all. But it would hurt me if it happened earlier in the game. Hmpf... just fixing a pdf... right. -Orax-
  7. More time. It's annoying when publishers force developers to release the game before it is the way they want it to be; perfect. Do you want KotOR III to be out before X-mas next year, or wait longer and have a better game?
  8. My point being that it has nothing to do with Mouse Look directly since I tried to press the right mouse button both with Mouse Look on and Mouse Look off. I also tried Ctrl, which does the same. And it's not my computer since it worked perfectly up until yesterday.
  9. Also, the cursor shows when I move it over an enemy, and anything else that changes the cursor into something else than the default one (like the attack or talk icon).
  10. Hello, I have played through KotOR II with only minor bugs (plot NPCs getting stuck in areas they should have left etc.), and I guess the latest one is not that big either. But still very annoying. I am not entirely sure when it happened, but it may have been after I started the game after updating it with the first patch (which supposedly only fixes the manual, but happened to write to several other files as well for some reason). I also recall that I did an Alt+F4 exit of the game for the first time before this happened as well. Now, what happened was that my mouse cursor wasn't
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