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  1. Me neither. The exile wasn't an easy person to roleplay. I hate these "you can make up a character any way you want, but only as long as you do it the way we assume you would" games. Either give me total freedom, or give me a character template (like Revan) and let me deal with their emotions and future instead of their history.
  2. Haven't tried Ultima IX: Ascension? It's not so bad, though it's extremely buggy and have very awkward controls, but the story is fairly okay. The last Ultima game, and an ending in my taste. Edit: "have were" = "have very" (originally "there were").
  3. Actually, I was mildly interested in that after I heard of Mara Jade. The thing is, it's okay to continue the story if the new story is also finished. I read two of Zahn's Star Wars books (it was one story split into two books). It dragged Skywalker & Co. into a whole new story, but it didn't discredit the previous stories and it was told to an end. It was actually quite good, but it's the only SW EU books I've read, so I can't really compare it to anything else. Well, yeah, there are two ways to get to the credits (though I'd argue that there is any real ending anywhere). They are basically the same, though, and you still won't really have a clue what just happened. If I knew what happened, perhaps they wouldn't seem so similar, but right now they just seem like "you picked DS/LS, fill in the blanks yourself".
  4. Never seen that before, and I've used the destroying crystals line. Wouldn't be the only bug in the game though.
  5. Vrook doesn't strike me as a character that would pass up on a chance to complain about what you do. He could probably have found something wrong with the way you looked at him or how your robe was fitting if he ran out of other stuff.
  6. For those of you who had problem with HK-47's "love" line, you may have to install the so-called "Pacifist protocol" (that'd be giveitem hkpart05 in the console if you don't want to go through the trouble of finding it). I'm not sure, and I just skimmed through the thread so I'm not sure if someone else has already said this or a more accurate answer.
  7. You can actually make her sacrifice herself to make the fight with Nihilus easier (at least I think it's easier. It was so easy in any case, it's kinda hard to tell). I disagree with her not being convincing, though. She was one of the most convincing characters for me. She just didn't have much of anything to convince me about, making it fall short. Her swaying can be explained if you think a bit about it (the stuff I mentioned before that's probably imaginary). That's not an excuse, though. You shouldn't have to make such guesses based on almost no information at all.
  8. Yes, it brings up an interesting point I considered a while ago. If she can, under the influence of the force, decide to sever herself from the force (one way or another), wouldn't that be the will of the force? Same goes for the exile, obviously. And if that is the will of the force, how are you not influenced by it even if you are severed from it?
  9. If you actually can hate or love a character as a person, that's a sign of a well-designed character.
  10. Returning to the scene of the crime, eh? In all seriousness, I wouldn't really be offended by something like you suggested. I can only speak for myself of course, but the rest was merely a somewhat critical examination of equality. I will argue, and others too apparently, that a man who had done the same to a woman would've been frowned upon, whereas a woman can get away with it (and perhaps even be considered sexy. I would, but that's probably thanks to my mother and her 12th century ideas about chivalry that she managed to imprint on my retina). I can almost guarantee that people had complained 'til the cows came home about it if it had been an option for the male PC, whereas I'm not sure anyone would complain 'til the cows did anything in particular if it had been an option for the female PC. As for Bastila, I wouldn't exactly compare what she did to what you suggested. And even if she had done that, she would probably have, as previously mentioned, gotten away with it.
  11. Meh... Worked for Nietzsche, didn't it? But like Nietzsche, delivery aside, Kreia does have some valid points about morality. Nothing I didn't already know of course, but games are generally not very good at even that much. It was quite refreshing, although I don't necessarily agree with everything.
  12. The exile regained his "connection" to the force only after he started traveling with other people. This is explicitly stated. Assuming he had other (albeit inanimate) things around him during his exile, the theory about him getting force from anything but people around him kind of falls flat.
  13. Yeah, but you have to admit that this whole "the character knows something you don't" issue makes playing the game rather awkward. Like when for example Bao-Dur shows up and calls you general, you can either not understand why he does it, or you can pretend to understand it (i.e. your character understands, you don't). Sure, you'll eventually understand why, but only afterwards.
  14. Yes, well, like I said, it doesn't really add up in the end. Explain one thing and you have to explain another. There's more examples, such as the personal crystal. As you have no force, how can the crystal absorb the force that leaks out of you? That theory could explain why others are not affected by your leeching, though. But I agree that the council separating you from the force is rather odd, considering you're supposedly completely severed from it already. It's like they are taking away something that isn't there. Nor do I understand why they think the exile is so dangerous, as the end would then either mean that this whole issue means nothing (i.e. that the exile can be severed from the force all he wants, nothing can happen anyway), or that it is dangerous and he is still dangerous because he remains alive.
  15. Oddly enough, she doesn't seem to mind Mira. I suppose this has something to do with this "Huntress" thing that never really goes anywhere, but I'm just guessing. As for Atton, she expresses her feelings about him more than once. Regardless, this is all circumstantial evidence at best. It doesn't really prove anything, except a vague possibility.
  16. You're not actually using the force, you're rather channeling other peoples' force through you. If you had no one else around, you wouldn't be able to do squat. Think of it as a leech, a more benign version of Nihilus' power. But as for the rest of the story, I can't really work it out either. I can work out parts of it, but then I get other questions instead. Fix those, and the original problem(s) arise again.
  17. And which part of this applies to the exile? We are told that no one has managed to sever themselves from the force, not even those who tried to. We are also told that the exile had no intentions to sever himself from the force and he goes through the game thinking the council did it to him. I suppose it's possible that you could decide to sever yourself from the force, but if it is, it's outside the game, the official Star Wars story and even the rest of the EU. And even if it is, no one has a clue how to do it (unless you repeat the events at Malachor, as I've already said). It can't be all that easy considering there's only one who has managed it so far, which takes us back to square one with freak accidents. Those people reached enlightenment in a way others can emulate, however. Buddha, for example, meditated (interesting fact; the tree he supposedly meditated under can be used to produce hallucinogenic drugs. Edit: On second thought, it might've been the flowers or plants around the tree. It was a while ago since I studied religion, but I do remember this sparked a fairly interesting debate. Heck, there's scientific studies comparing the effect of certain mushrooms to what numerous prophets in history, including Jesus, has described). He did something. The exile had something done to him. On a similar note, religion generally encourage people to surrender to something greater. The exile example would be the exact opposite. Few religions (if any) tells you to defy whatever entity serves as God, and I can't imagine any of them telling you to sever yourself from it. Ah, but who would care really? The jedi would deny it, the sith wouldn't want to give it up, and the rest would not care because they can't feel the force anyway. You can declare that it's possible to live without religion, you'd get basically the same results. Some believers would deny it, other believers wouldn't want to give it up, others wouldn't care. Some might care, but it wouldn't matter as they would never manage to break away from religion anyway (assuming that the religion is true and that there is a God, of course, in the same way we assume that the force exist). At best, they'd be able to suppress it, like the people who give up the force but are still tied to it you are told about in the game.
  18. This is pointless. No one can decide to sever themselves from the force. The game says it, everything we're told about the force in the movies, books and EU says it. You game dictated that it's possible but you need a catalyst, in the exile's case, this is Malachor. You are told that to survive such a thing, as a force sensitive at least, you must sever yourself from the force. Equally pointless is showing an example of something that no one can emulate. For example, we'd be "better" if we had nightvision. That doesn't mean squat though, as no one can decide to evolve nightvision and it will only happen through freak accidents or manipulation, something which would without a doubt result in a lot of bad things as well. Before we see a human with nightvision, we won't think it's a realistic possibility either, but even if we do, it doesn't change anything.
  19. Hah. Force or no force, people will find a way to fight. As with religion, it's merely an excuse.
  20. She is vehemently against pretty much anything involving the crew, such as having them join you, help them, charging up their loading ramps etc.
  21. From what I understood, most of them were "too weak" to handle enduring the ripples (or waves, rather) that all those deaths caused, or being severed from the force, so they died. I rather suspect Nihilus was one of the jedi that was too weak as well, although he didn't die. Not exactly anyway. But it's just a theory and there are some holes in it.
  22. I didn't like him very much, but it's an RPG. I don't expect to like everyone. He does have a fairly interesting story, though.
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