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  1. Sure there are. They are just very butch and clad in battle armor. In fact, the greater part of the Mandalorian courting ritual is finding out what gender the other person is under all that armor.
  2. Actually, I don't think it's the kind of love you usually think of when you hear the word. Or at least not to start with. Think about it, she is all alone. Her entire planet literally died around her. And there is only one person who can understand how she truly feels, and that's the exile. You tell me you wouldn't be drawn (and I don't mean physical attraction) to that person in the same situation.
  3. I'll go with a male (LS) Revan. Male Revan: + Force bond-enhanced relationship. + Triumph of love over evil (the SF redemption). + Tale of forbidden love. + Interesting result in the event of, er, charges and loadingramps being combined. - Relationship with a character more than a little girly and brain-washed by the council. Female Revan: + (Sorry, I got nothing.) - Relationship with a whiny guy... - ...who is possibly old enough to be your father... - ...and has a son from previous marriage, old enough to be your younger brother. Hmm... Male reasons are a bit cliche, I admit, but things like that usually become cliche for a reason. Exile, I don't really care about.
  4. Well, love and hate are strong emotions. Any game that manage to evoke either in the player did its job. If a character is developed enough for you to love or hate it as a person, then it's obviously a well-made character. Everyone doesn't have to like everyone in the game. I couldn't really stand Mission in KotOR1, for example. She was an annoying little brat, but that's okay, she was supposed to be. Sorry, but that's just stupid. You've never tried it and dislike it out of principle?
  5. Bottom left corner, under "Moderation Options", select "Delete this topic".
  6. Not really. Her personality fits her history. Shame she didn't develop further, I think I would've enjoyed seeing her with a bit of hope back (after the Nihilus encounter would be a good place to start, presumably).
  7. Finish the game. Or, if you're lazy: You did. You can turn them into jedi.
  8. This age is no worse than any previous age. The Black Death, constant wars, famine, tyranny... the list goes on. Compared to most of human history, the situation today is just dandy.
  9. "addexp 20" or "addlevel" in the console should work, if you don't mind using questionabe ways to get it.
  10. Beats me, I don't know how KSE works. It's a 3rd party program. If the console works the way I think it does, then getting an item from it would be identical to finding an item in the game. I.e. whenever you pick up an item, the game executes "giveitem [item ID]". KSE, however, most likely modifies existing data and might not modify enough to identify an object as upgradable.
  11. And that is a bad thing? Emotions is what RPGs is all about for me. And I mean real emotions. What is more real than love, hate... and sorrow?
  12. Uh, you could add the items inside the game using the console. Those can be upgraded.
  13. A wind generator in space? Right. What exactly were you planning to move to create a wind, and what exactly did you plan to use to push the wind forwards without pushing the ship backwards as well.
  14. What's wrong with having spaceships with sails?
  15. Given that it's white, it's rather a remarkable presence of colors.
  16. Soldier, I guess. Wookies can't be jedis apparently.
  17. Does it actually have anything to do with KotOR or is it just set before?
  18. They did pretty good, given the time they had. Of course, that's not much comfort for the players. There are some flaws that I woulnd't be so quick to blame on the time they had, though. It's a decent game, could've been much better.
  19. Oh no, not at all. Just almost everything in the universe.
  20. Fionavar, honestly, discussing whether hell has frozen over or not is probably a more interesting topic than whatever discussion the original topic ever could've resulted in.
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