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  1. Taris, easily. It felt more alive than Telos. And obviously more alive than Peragus.
  2. I wouldn't call that a fair fight, but at least both of you would abide under the same mechanical rules (physics, that is). That's just a matter of who's best at utilize the same potential, whereas a fight between Bastila and Visas would either have to ignore the game universe, or apply remarkably different rules for each character. I tend to go with the former (in so far I go with anything, given the nature of this discussion). I'd go with Bastila, though. She's been trained as a jedi since she was very young (at least, shall we say, 12 years at an enclave and another 5 wherever after KotOR1) and is supposedly fairly strong in the force. Visas has been training for a max of 9 years, probably less, under a master that was probably not very interested in teaching her anything.
  3. What's tragic about Handmaiden? Whatever it is, I think Visas got her beaten...
  4. I think it's fairly safe to say that there will be one. LA wouldn't pass on the chance to (order someone to) make a sequel. It'll save them some time and money as they don't have to assemble their team of trained monkeys to randomly hit keys on a keyboard, thus designing a new game LA can slap a Star Wars sticker on.
  5. LA and EA mentioned in the same thread? I might as well fill in the last one: Satan.
  6. Heh, if that theory was true, then Duke Nukem (In Development) Forever will probably be the greatest game ever made. Assuming it's ever released, that is. They still "working" on it?
  7. Hmm? What are you talking about? You can open the door with Thorium charges. And the exile does mention Bastila by name in the tomb on Korriban (Ludo Kresh's tomb? Can't remember) only be seeing her, so (s)he must be able to recognize her.
  8. Uh more, I guess, as long it won't reduce the quality of them. If so, then as many as in KotOR2 is okay, maybe one or two less. Edit: Ah, you specified. What was with the decimal number before?
  9. My guess is that it was written with a female Revan in mind (you get Carth instead of Bastila then, who the exile wouldn't know of). Then they simply forgot to fix it if you picked a male Revan.
  10. You have to repair it before you complete the planet.
  11. Oh please. If this is what passes for research, then science sure has gone downhill lately.
  12. You know, there is a recorded soundfile where HK-47 explicitly states that the factory is on Telos. I could probably find it if you want...
  13. Haven't we been over this like twenty times already?
  14. Wow. That's perhaps the worst rationalization I've ever heard. No game should ever rely on its players to actually finish it. And in case you haven't noticed, a healthy modding community for KotOR is not exactly encouraged.
  15. Well, I'm not gonna say anything about this particular scenario, I don't think any good will come out of it. They know already, and hopefully they care. That's probably all we can hope for. However, let's say that the cuts were made because Obsidian ran out of time, just for the sake of argument. Do you really think they, or any developer for that matter, would go out and say "alright, the game sucks. We cut some stuff that was supposed to be in because we ran out of time. Oh, and it's all LA's fault"? That's pretty much suicide in business. Perhaps they are proud of the game, I don't know, but I wouldn't really expect them to say anything else regardless. I believe the post said that they asked about it. It said nothing about whether they wanted or even intended to make one.
  16. Ground Control as well. Major Sarah Parker.
  17. Eh, I wouldn't jump to conclusions just because you found some acknowledgement sounds. It's probably from KotOR1, maybe unused or simply something you can't remember. I think she had a different set of sounds if you went dark side and had Bastila with you on the Star Forge. That might be it.
  18. You sure it's not the same sounds as in KotOR1? When they made KotOR2, they sort of built it over the old KotOR files. They might've left some old stuff in there (they did leave some other old stuff in there, though I can't remember what it was). The actress is Jennifer Hale, BTW.
  19. I had the same thought (exile dies). Lightside is easy, exile dangerous, exile sacrifice life, universe saved. Fin. Darkside, have Kreia kill herself for some reason (she failed, exile wont go along with her plan or whatever), exile dies from force bond. Fin.
  20. KotOR1 is worth playing for sure. As for which one is best... KotOR2 had a lot of potential to be better, and nearly was. There are some pretty critical things that stopped that, though, at least IMO.
  21. On second though, perhaps it doesn't matter. It seems there are plenty of people willing to give it a try.
  22. Can Iridonions and humans even breed? (BTW, is he an Iridonian? I think I heard something about him being something else but he lived on Iridonia, or perhaps it was the other way aroudn.)
  23. Bastila or Visas. 'tis the voice that does it.
  24. Chiropractor. Something about the Disciple's eyes bothers me. He looks like he'll snap any moment.
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