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  1. I see what you are saying. Yet, the statement on its own, without any context seems paradoxical. We can only assume it is a lie and that whoever said it has not always lied. Imagine a person who has never communicated to anyone in their life and they say this statement, with nothing else - it is then a paradox. (I know this is beyond the realms of possibility, but paradox's usually are) In hindsight, "this statement is false" is a genuine paradox, it was a bit silly to contemplate it really...
  2. As you've probably guessed this is about the sith written test that is done on Korriban. the 4th question is: "which of these statements is *not* a paradox". The options were (something along the lines of): 1) the master teaches the student who teaches the master 2) I always lie 3) this statement is false 4) to be powerful one needs an army, to have an army one must be powerful 5) is "no" the answer to the question? I assumed the answer was 3), although it could be 1) (if keeping to Sith ideology of the student surpassing the master). Yet I discover, from the forums and a walkthrough
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