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Update #46 - Developer Playthrough Highlights

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Greetings, Watchers!
We know we promised you an update that would focus on the audio of Pillars II, and you will absolutely get it... soon! Long story short, between a new baby coming into our Audio Director, Justin Bell's life, as well as finalizing the expansive game that Deadfire is, we've had to shift some things around. Before we continue, we want to congratulate Justin on the new addition to his family, and give a huge shout out to the team behind Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire who have been doing awesome work to bring the game to all of you in just a couple of short weeks.
Since we rescoped this update, we talked to some of the Pillars II team members and asked them about the exciting things they've done in their playthroughs of Deadfire. We don't want to show them all, but here's a sampling of what you can do when Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire launches on May 8th.
Pillars II offers a massive, open world to explore, discover, and experiment in. A world filled with mystery and wonder. With memorable companions, and deep systems to dive into. We can't wait for all of you to get your hands on this game!
As Mikey mentioned in the video, we've had some announcements recently that we want to share with you. Starting off with our recently released features trailer. If you missed, take the time to watch it now!
Greatly Expanded VO
That "Double the VO" stretch goal we had when we launched the Fig campaign last year? We're blowing it out of the water. Now every conversation in Deadfire will be voiced. This will also cover key moments where a Narrator will help drive a scene. This added layer to Deadfire helps immerse the player further into the beautiful world that the Pillars II team has crafted.
Critical Role Partnership
As announced at PAX East, we're excited to team up with the entire cast of the biggest live-streamed D&D show, Critical Role! Each cast member is an experienced voice actor in their own right, and will be filling the roles of major characters in Deadfire. As an added bonus to fans of the show, we'll be releasing the Critical Role DLC pack at launch for free! This DLC will have player voice sets and player portraits that have the cast of Critical Role reprising their Vox Machina roles from their first campaign: Vax, Vex, Percy, Scanlan, Keyleth, Grog, Pike, and as a special bonus, Gilmore!


Deadfire Explorer Society Scavenger Hunt
What codes are you talking about? 
Just kidding! We're very happy to announce our Deadfire Scavenger Hunt. For months now, we've been sneaking codes into various released media. We watched as you collected the codes, and even made slight nods to you inquiring about what they were for. Now you can sign up for the Scavenger Hunt, enter the codes that you've found, and earn your way to some cool loot in Deadfire when the game launches on May 8th!
Post Launch Content Plan
Last week we announced what will be coming in the season pass for Pillars II. Three in-depth expansion packs will be launching to allow you to explore more of the Deadfire, meet new challenges, and expand the lore of the archipelago! We'll have more information on the DLCs after Deadfire launches, so stay tuned!
For Backer's who purchased the season pass and pledged at the $150 tier or higher during the campaign or as a Slacker Backer, you'll be getting an extra season pass key that you can either give as a gift, or you can contact us at support for a refund.
Check Your Information in Your Eternity Account
Remember Backers, in order to get Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire on May 8th, you need to complete your pledges on the Eternity Backer Portal. If you're getting physical items, make sure your addresses are up to date so we know where to ship your items when they come in. If you were given a survey please make sure it is filled out and filled out correctly so we have the correct information that will go into the game. If you pledged at a level that would get something into the game and have yet to fill out your survey, your item will not make it into Deadfire by launch, but we will get it in the game in future patches.
Pre-Orders Still Open
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is mere days away! If you haven't, don't forget that you can pre-order now and get the Captain's Footlocker to start your journey on Steam, GOG, Obsidian, and VersusEvil.com! Backers, as we said before, you get the Footlocker as well!


Until next time, Watchers!
Did you miss the last update? Check it out!
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Those firecrackers alone have convinced to have at least one explosive-proficient party member along for my first playthrough, hope there are various special types of explosive. Also, the talking blade gives me quite the Nightblood vibe... but pervy rather than morally challenged, which is probably a good thing. Thanks to all of you at Obsidian for doing such a great job!


PS: Can't wait to see the inevitable "best Island/ship names" thread pop up. 

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Normally it would freak me out, but this talking sword has Allegra Clark’s voice. There’s no way I’m not romancing it every time XD

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Placing bets on who'll be the first to name an island "Where am I?!"

There are going to be so many "interesting" names. We are going to need a way to export the map when we finish the game.

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100% full  VO?  I am torqued.  After playing through DOS2, one of the best RPG games ever made, it made me realize just how much having 100% VO in an RPG game adds to the immersion and overall experience.  Now I'm really looking forward to this.  KUDOS Obsidian!

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Obsidian is surely planning for all the Watcher x Sword shipping now. And naming islands? I'm sure we'll have a thread made of all the creative things people call them.

Yes! We have no bananas.

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Island names at the ready:



"I air, I sea,"  /  "I take-off,"

and, of course,

"Melee" , "Monkey", etc




On a more serious playthrough I'll have to name them after my pets, or lost crew-members who've fallen to Davy Jones' locker

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*Casts Nature's Terror* :aiee: , *Casts Firebug* :fdevil: , *Casts Rot-Skulls* :skull: , *Casts Garden of Life* :luck: *Spirit-shifts to cat form* :cat:

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