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Time for Obsidian to kickstart a science-fantasy, PoE like, RPG?

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There is a detective noir RPG coming up, although it's not sci-fi.

You mean Disco Elysium? It’s sounds interesting and I’ll be giving it a whirl when ever it’s released. But from what I understand, it’s also the sort of... ”Terry Gilliam meets The Naked Gun” -type of game. What I’m after is a more serious type of setup (e.g. Blade Runner) also with a more traditional combat (TB) where combat is a thing (though not an RPG, the original Police Quest had a relatively nice ratio of action/combat content).


Come to think of it... ”Police Quest 2050 the RPG” could actually be pretty neat.

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Urban fantasy/occult detective. Lord, it's time.



Disco Elysium, formerly known as No Truce With the Furies (I kinda enjoyed the previous title, but still looks interesting).



Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on that and I'm interested but a bit baffled. Like I can't tell exactly what the setting is intended to be, whether it's supposed to be serious or comical,  whether we can actually make our own character etc.

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Blizzard has sanctioned multiple PnP RPG products over the years (Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft), but seems not too enthused to make a narrative driven RPG, probably because it's too execution dependent. 


Blizzard's not been able to create compelling narratives since Wrath of the Lich King concluded. SC2's single player campaign was all style and no substance and D3's campaign was so compelling that I only ever completed it once and the only reason to go back is to grab an early Leoric's Crown.


Diablo, Diablo 2 and StarCraft were much less flashy but much more memorable by comparison. I can still recite the Halls of the Blind poem and remember ever line from Deckard Cain in Diablo 2 as well as the mission briefings of StarCraft.


I barely even remember what StarCraft 2 was about. The one thing I do remember is the pain of the hefty face palm when Kerrigan transformed into a being of pure light and energy with... wings. I half expected Raynor to tear off his shirt and start to sparkle afterwards.


Still, I spent hundreds of hours on Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm. They still make great gameplay but I think it is for the better that they focus on genres that are all gameplay and no narrative. At least for as long as Stephenie Meyer and E. L. James are co-authoring their stories. ;)

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For me the only Blizz narrative that was good was Starcraft 1. Warcraft 3 was passable. The rest I don't even remember. Diablo 1 was sufficient, because the rest of the game was so great. 

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I'd rather not have a SciFi game about killing or action related stuff. I would like something new or fresh, something narrative heavy, with some interesting dialogue thrown in. Hmm let me clarify, something in the veins of planescape torment and tides of numenera. Except less focus on the killing, and more focus on the story and narrative. 


I know it sounds like heresy, but that's my opinion on the matter. 

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I enjoy sci-fi cRPGs and the OPs suggestion is a good start. My interest would improve greatly if is were troupe-based with turn-based combat, plenty of diplomatic interaction, and some good alien PC designs.

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i thought Obsidian already turned down Star Trek in the past

They did. I believe Feargus said it was before the JJ Abrams reboot and Trek wasn't "in" at the moment.






"We've talked to the Bethesda guys more than once about doing games," Urquhart said. "They called me once about Star Trek, and I was probably being a little bit too much, too arrogant of a developer... This would've been like 2007—way before the movies—and it was like, Star Trek wasn't in a good place. I don't know what I said, but I now know it probably sounded arrogant."



and  https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68559-feargus-urquhart-on-kotor-ii-nwn-ii-fo-new-vegas-matt-chat-part-4-final/



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as an aside, doesn't need be graveyard book inspired, but use famous and beautiful cemeteries as key settings for a game appeals to us.  make a game where world o' the dead and world o' the living is not as separate as they seem and graveyards is gateways where some few can travel 'twixt and 'tween.  literal otherworldly domains accessed through crypts and tombs and particular old cemetery trees.  am not thinking a traditional werewolf, vampire, ghost kinda setting/game, but all those things could be included... and more.  dead... but different. 


regardless, is something inherent compelling and fascinating 'bout cemeteries and there is more than a few 'round the world which is genuine awe inspiring.  is easier to be evocative when you start with a kewl setting, and world's great cemeteries is at least as nifty as any scifi setting we can think of at the moment.  




HA! Good Fun!

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I really just want Obsidian to tackle a good Star Wars RPG since I don't see EA ever doing that, or at least not an RPG I would play. On the same side, I don't think Lucasfilm/Disney would seek out Obsidian for it.


But generally, I do like the idea, for I most certainly haven't played enough Sci-Fi RPG's in my time. I would love to see Obsidian's team taking up such a task!

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