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  1. I have a friend that recently bought D:OS2, thinkin that he would enjoy it. He did, but he wasn't particularly fond of the world itself (Which is what I thought he would), so then I recommended Pillars of Eternity 1 to him, and currently he finds that world much more interesting. I personally prefer PoE1 and 2 over D:OS2, but there is many features that D:OS2 has that would be awesome for a future POE (If it is in the line of possibility). I love how you can interact with the environment in D:OS2, moving around crates strategically, the different type of floor hazards you can use to your advantage. One of the things I have the most fun with is playing undead and just healing in pools of poison. The multiplayer. One reason I also wanted my friend to play D:OS2 over PoE was simply so we could play together. Now this is maybe some that can be a bit more out of scope for future PoE games, but it is something that could be awesome to have, and hope to have. Creating your own stories. There is a lot of tools in D:OS2 to create your own roleplaying sessions, which is dope (Which I have not used, so I wouldn't know if they are implemented well). Though this seems totally out of the realm of possibility unless Obsidian want to change PoE from being isometric 2D (Or at least static 3D?) to a full 3D with map editors. This could take some of the charm and classic feeling away from PoE that it is going for, and I don't expect that choice would be for everyone.
  2. I wouldn't get my hopes up for a PoE3 any time soon, given most development is focused on Outer Worlds currently and I now that Microsoft owns Obsidian it's easy to entertain the thought that the first game they want to make (With a bigger more solid budget) is something that appeals to a broader market. But that said, I love the series and I do hope that we some day will go back to Eora! I am almost certain it will happen at some point. Sawyer is currently working on the Pillars TTRPG and if Pillars really was scrapped forever, I doubt there be any incentive to do this (Unless it's purely a passion project). And what has been pointed out, Deadfire was recieved well, it just didn't sell that well (to my understanding). Pillars is kinda also Obsidians child in many aspects and I doubt they would want to just abandon it.
  3. Pillars of Eternity is also open when to mixing classes up a bit. I am currently doing a playthrough as a mage, playing it as a battlemage (even though there is no such class), where I am mixing spells with melee combat. But if you like roleplaying/playing as a rogue, you should be encouraged to do so, but make sure to have a tank with you to aggro enemies. This makes the backstabbing much easier. Other than that I recommend a paladin. They are great for new players because they can do a bit of everything and then spec out more to you wants and needs (Also resolve yields some really good dialogue options). But whatever you choose, I hope you have fun with it!
  4. I am playing on GoG, DRM free, only using Galaxy for the cloud saves and updates. Today I was experimenting with some different things on my PC I went to change my language, which changed the name of the folder where Deadfire stores its save files (%USERPROFILR%/Saved Games/Pillars of Eternity II). So "Gemte Spil" to "Saved Games" and I imagine this is what caused some problems. While the language was changed from Danish to English I opened Deadfire wanting to play for a bit, only to find the I couldn't load or continue, the save files were gone which was alarming. So when I changed back to danish I still wasn't able to load or continue. Since I didn't check (Which I should've) for the save files before changing back or even before opening galaxy to sync my older save files, I don't know if it just straight up deleted the saves or the game set to looking for the "Gemte Spil" folder which wasn't there, while the saves perhaps still being there. So before syncing my older saves, I should've checked for the newest ones beforehand, since when I synced my save files and checked the folder, the newer ones were definitely gone. This is basically just to warn everyone who plays DRM free like me (or perhaps even not, since the save location will always be "Saved Games" to my knowledge, which will change language with the change, but cloud saves pretty nullifies this problem) to back up the saves or some other precaution before changing the PC language. I was lucky enough to have my older save files in the cloud, though I still lost a lot of progress.
  5. I am experiencing the same problem. This is with the newly 1.2 patch that just released today. Also from GoG.
  6. I found it really weird that when it comes to choosing the side with the factions about going to Ukaizo and you have Maia in the party, the Huana and Republics will, of course, tell you to leave her. With the Queen, you can kindly tell her to go **** herself, because you want Maia to stay, but with the republics, you can't? As far as I could gather all the choices would ultimately damage my relation with Maia... I feel like that is a huge oversight. If there is a way to tell the republics to **** themselves since I Maia is a part of my party, please let me now. Edit: Yea, I just misinterpreted some sentences, but I eventually found the option!
  7. When you speak to Arkemyr in his house after having stolen the Tablet, in a survival check "Deadfire" is spelled "Deadfure".
  8. My Fig Edition is there, but I am not getting any download options at all. On Browser or Galaxy.
  9. I really just want Obsidian to tackle a good Star Wars RPG since I don't see EA ever doing that, or at least not an RPG I would play. On the same side, I don't think Lucasfilm/Disney would seek out Obsidian for it. But generally, I do like the idea, for I most certainly haven't played enough Sci-Fi RPG's in my time. I would love to see Obsidian's team taking up such a task!
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