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  1. Would've pre-ordered on Steam but... So I've gone back and forth on buying it on Microsoft or Epic. I tried the $1 game-pass for Microsoft and somehow ended up with a 1yr subscription (I checked my bank account and didn't see a charge for the subscription... shh, don't tell Microsoft)... so I use that until it's on Steam.
  2. Little birds talk about Monk, or Monk/Rogue, or Monk/FIghter But it may be not true. Now the better question: Why is Mirke? Okay Drax.... So I've downloaded the DLC and my question is where's Mirke? Is it possible I killed her? I've gone back to the court (where the piano is) can't see her and yes I took the violent option in the Blow the Man Down quest.... ***Disregard she appeared....
  3. Obsidian has my vote for a SciFi game... but the question is what kinda play style? I would love XCOM style with the destructive environment and Obsidian's great story telling!
  4. I like the IGN interview for the gameplay: But liked the interview best with PCGamesN: But damn, bring on 2018!! This game is look'n amazing!!
  5. I'm enjoying this game and I can't help but think how wrong Bioware (not bashing... just saying) got it with the Dragon Age series. Don't get me wrong while I've played all the DA games (and liked them... yes even DA2) I remember it being a franchise that was supposed to be the "spiritual successor" to the Bladur Gate franchise. So I hope Obsidian takes both the postive and negative comments and builds a pound a great new IP... and hopefully our journey has only began in the world of Eora!
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