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Spells you used too often because they are just too good.

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So I just finished the game on hard, that end fight arghl. My main was a monk, and i wanted to play a second time, but with another class and make it more challenging, mix it up a bit.


First up i only had a priest ,cipher and a chanter as spell casters in my party


So here is the deal: spells i will not use anymore because i used them too often and they made the game too easy.




Arrows with Speed Chant: really good if you have 3 range chars in your party

Aefyllath chant: Burn damage for the whole group- more damage for all

Silver Knight chant: deflection for the whole group - less melee damage for the whole group


All his summons are good for soaking damage.

Crashed upon his shield - negative damage reduction for enemies




Rank I :Armor of Faith - more armor for the group

Rank II: Consecrated ground , best healing spell imo 

Rank III : Circle of Protection - even more damage reduction

Rank V: Shields of the Faithful - Single target damage reduction


Cipher, the OP char in this Game:


Rank II : Mind Blades- 5 target chain damage , that Spell is just too strong you can spam it like crazy and it will decimate everything.

Rank IV: Silent Scream -7 second stun with raw Damage- Op if you have only one strong enemy you want to cc

Rank VI: Mind Plague - Confuse up to 6 targets for 20 seconds, that  one makes the game just crazy easy, especially bounties. You can target the few enemy's who are not confused and after you can manually attack the still on your side green circle ones.

Rank VI: Amplified Wave - Didn't use this as often because Mind Plague is stronger but -9 meter prone on all enemy's is also way too strong.


Other thoughts:


Didn't use food or scrolls or potions often enough and didn't realize that upgrading all stuff to superb is out of the question, exceptional is the best you can aim for, for most of your gear. So i will upgrade stuff faster.


Just wanted your input which spells are good and which ones you are using way too often- Second Playtrough here I come. ( maybe after the next patch)

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Have you tried mind-lance? It's activation is super fast and does devistating damage.


But my two favorite powers are Slicken and Icey Fog.


Yeah mind lance is a great opener due to the range and it interrupts pretty consistently. Also like Mental Binding foe only aoe paralyze very strong for setting up your Barb/Rogue to massacre everything. 


Inspiring Radiance is great since you can prebuff the entire  party with +5 accuracy and then cast it again later in the encounter.

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Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed - Godsend for ranged parties

The Silver Knights' Shields Broke Both Arrow and Blade - Easy deflection bonus for the tanks. One of the reasons Chanters make the best tanks.

Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr - Decent damage buff

If Their Bones Sleep Under that Hill, None Can Say - Summons not one, but three skellies! Its plenty useful, for damage and as distractions.

Gernise Slew the Beast, but Soon Faced Its Kin - Upgrade to the skellies. Mostly used for damage though since they're ranged.

Gernisc's Beast Lit the Night with his Breath - The 2 Ogres are probably better, but this summons a Drake! Awesome am i rite?



Mind Blades - Very strong AoE damage, especially for a 2nd-level power.

Mental Binding - Paralyze is infinitely useful.

Puppet Master - Dominate is very handy when up against large groups.

Mind Lance - This spell deals a ton of damage.

Pain Block - Great buff to toss up on one of your tanks.

Disintegration - This spell... is just annihilation on one target. The amount damage it deals is insane.

Amplified Wave - One of the best AoE spells by far. Deals impressive damage and knocks enemies Prone. Amazing.



Sunbeam - Pretty much an upgraded version of the Wiz's Chill Fog.

Nature's Mark - Deflection debuff? Yes please.

Blizzard - This deals some very impressive damage for a 2nd-level spell

Returning Storm - Very powerful spell.

Overwhelming Wave - Welcome back Crushing Wave. Glad to see you're still ridiculously good.

Relentless Storm - Upgrade to Returning Storm. Pretty much the best damage spell. Reason enough to grab Heart of Storm for your Druid.



Armor of Faith - Deflection bonus? Oh yes.

Divine Mark - Deflection debuff is very nice.

Holy Power - Damage buff. The Resolve buff is also nice for the tanks.

Dire Blessing - AoE critical buff? Oh YES.

Shining Beacon - Defense debuff on enemies. Very nice to have.

Shields for the Faithful - Anther deflection buff, always useful.



Chill Fog - Its not as good as Sunbeam, but its still an AoE blind spell. On the other hand, this spell has no friendly fire attached to it.

Fan of Flames - This deals a ridiculous amount of damage for a 1st-level spell. Use it, love it.

Slicken - AoE Prone on a 1st-level, is both hilarious and extremely effective.

Fetid Caress - Again, paralyze is really good.

Noxious Burst - Deals more damage than Fireball (Unless you have Scion of Flame) and has Sickened attached to it. Pretty clear winner here.

Confusion - Great way to break up enemy groups if you need to recover.

Chain Lightning - Super powered Mind Blades basically. Easily the Wizard's best damage spell.

Gaze of Adragan - AoE Petrify. AoE Petrify.

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Have you tried mind-lance? It's activation is super fast and does devistating damage.


But my two favorite powers are Slicken and Icey Fog.

Fog takes the trophy though - no friendly fire



-Mental Binding

-Mind Blades

-Mind Wave (use it to knock grp of enemies and have rest of your guys drop aoe on them ;) while they got -def)

-Mind Lance (friendly fire makes it NOT the most OP spell in the game. If it had no FF then it would be #1 spell in the entire game. Seriously)

These are the top candidates if Mind Echo would be easier to setup it would be right there at #1 spot.



Lv1 spells Sunbeam and Talons are better than lv2 spells like sunburst. In general druid is very good and has many good spells (and some really **** spells)

Honorable mention - Rot Skulls. Aoe heavy dmg autoattack with insane dot :D me like.



Icey Fog

Fan of Flames


Would also mention Shocking Grasp IF it was as strong as Scroll. Why was Wiz one nerfed?



Lv2 AoE spell to pause all negative effects. One of the best spells in the game (as fasr as defense goes. Saved my ass vs Nalrend the Wise)

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Anything that starts with 'Mind' from the Cipher is insane. Mind Blades is the most precise AoE in the game -- it hits all enemies because there's usually not enough enemies in a single combat for it to not strike them all, it will never target your allies, and the damage is pretty insane. On a Cipher with light armor, you can get out two or three at the start of a fight and soften up the entirety of the enemy's forces. Mind Lance is similar in its usefulness, but it's a bit harder to line up. Mind Blades is getting nerfed, though.


Slicken, Fan the Flames, and Chill Fog are probably the Wizard's best spells, but Slicken and Fog are both getting nerfed.


Most druid and cleric spells are useful, if not excellent.

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  • Slicken spell is now a single hit AoE.
  • Chill Fog is now a friend or foe spell.

Next patch , lol.


Looks like they really want everyone playing Cipher. 


They buffed Curse of Blackened Sight and nerfed Mind Blades, so its not all bad.


On the other hand, Druids are completely untouched. I'd say they want everyone to play as Druids =/

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  • Added cooldown to NPC Rogue's Escape ability usage so they won't use it back to back.

 Glad they're going to nerf this because Rogues using Escape was really trivializing the game. /sarcasm


EDIT: Nevermind, it's just for NPCs.  


I'd like to see all classes buffed up to the cipher's level of usefulness.


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They buffed Curse of Blackened Sight and nerfed Mind Blades, so its not all bad.


On the other hand, Druids are completely untouched. I'd say they want everyone to play as Druids =/




I'd say that's... a fair assessment. Druids are losing nothing in this upcoming patch and there soon isn't going to be much reason to choose a Wizard over a Druid (either as a PC class or a party member).

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I'd like to see all classes buffed up to the cipher's level of usefulness.


At least the tanks are somewhat balanced.


Chanter, Fighter and Paladin (Haven't tried monk) all have their strong points and are all perfectly viable. Chanter does have a slight edge but its not noticeable enough unless you build parties around that edge (*cough* *cough* All gun party).

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I can't edit my old post, but there are some things I'd like to add.


But Reny Daret's Ghost, He Would not Rest - Actually worth the trade off from the 3 skellies, since he can Stun and does pretty decent damage. Gets outclassed by Act 2... but then again so do the Skellies.

Firebug - Surprised I didn't mention it. Its Mind Blades, Druid edition.

Blast of Frost - This... actually deals a lot of damage. Wizards doing damage, who would've thought.

Curse of Blackened Sight - Since it no longer affects allies, I think this is now kinda a given.

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I actually use Tanglefoot pretty often. Turns out Hobbled is a pretty decent condition to inflict. Reducing Dex reduces Recovery Speed, -20 Reflex is just too sexy, and the Movement speed reduction is...whatever. One cast makes all enemies (and allies, if you're not careful) weak to spells that target Reflex, which is a great deal of em.

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Just rolled my first wiz in this game and Ghost blades are pretty crazy, two shot the glanfarthan . “boss battle“ and the second shot wasn't even necessary since everybody was down to 1 end point.

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