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  1. So I just finished the game on hard, that end fight arghl. My main was a monk, and i wanted to play a second time, but with another class and make it more challenging, mix it up a bit. First up i only had a priest ,cipher and a chanter as spell casters in my party So here is the deal: spells i will not use anymore because i used them too often and they made the game too easy. Chanter: Arrows with Speed Chant: really good if you have 3 range chars in your party Aefyllath chant: Burn damage for the whole group- more damage for all Silver Knight chant: deflection for the whole group - less melee damage for the whole group All his summons are good for soaking damage. Crashed upon his shield - negative damage reduction for enemies Priest: Rank I :Armor of Faith - more armor for the group Rank II: Consecrated ground , best healing spell imo Rank III : Circle of Protection - even more damage reduction Rank V: Shields of the Faithful - Single target damage reduction Cipher, the OP char in this Game: Rank II : Mind Blades- 5 target chain damage , that Spell is just too strong you can spam it like crazy and it will decimate everything. Rank IV: Silent Scream -7 second stun with raw Damage- Op if you have only one strong enemy you want to cc Rank VI: Mind Plague - Confuse up to 6 targets for 20 seconds, that one makes the game just crazy easy, especially bounties. You can target the few enemy's who are not confused and after you can manually attack the still on your side green circle ones. Rank VI: Amplified Wave - Didn't use this as often because Mind Plague is stronger but -9 meter prone on all enemy's is also way too strong. Other thoughts: Didn't use food or scrolls or potions often enough and didn't realize that upgrading all stuff to superb is out of the question, exceptional is the best you can aim for, for most of your gear. So i will upgrade stuff faster. Just wanted your input which spells are good and which ones you are using way too often- Second Playtrough here I come. ( maybe after the next patch)
  2. So is the City inaccessible for the rest of the game? Side quests didn't show failed but i can't enter the city anymore, will all the quest Npc's survive the riots? Do i have to load or can i play on and do them later on?
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