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  1. So I just finished the game on hard, that end fight arghl. My main was a monk, and i wanted to play a second time, but with another class and make it more challenging, mix it up a bit. First up i only had a priest ,cipher and a chanter as spell casters in my party So here is the deal: spells i will not use anymore because i used them too often and they made the game too easy. Chanter: Arrows with Speed Chant: really good if you have 3 range chars in your party Aefyllath chant: Burn damage for the whole group- more damage for all Silver Knight chant: deflection for the whole g
  2. So is the City inaccessible for the rest of the game? Side quests didn't show failed but i can't enter the city anymore, will all the quest Npc's survive the riots? Do i have to load or can i play on and do them later on?
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