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  1. There aren't really atheists in this game, just people (led by Iovara's philosophy) that don't consider manufactured entities, which are little more than very powerful Shades, as things worth worshipping. Iovara's whole point is that the existence of the pantheon stifles both individual freedom of thought and any meaningful search for real gods in the universe. If you want to ascribe a name to them, call them misotheists, people who are against the gods.
  2. Additionally, the gods themselves were soul-forged using (at the low order) thousands of sacrificial Engwithan souls. It's something of an interesting question whether the death of one would cause it to splinter back into its many constituent parts, or if (having been fused and held together for so many thousands of years) it was now only one gigantic soul which would have then gone back into the Wheel. Very interesting ideas, indeed.
  3. I, too, was a bit puzzled that none of the other gods even mentioned Eothas in Teir Evron. Seems a bit suspicious. But then again, Magran's behavior when you interact with her via Galawain is pretty shifty and duplicitous throughout. She should definitely be the next deity on the chopping block, IMO.
  4. I think what she actually said was that "the door [presumably wood] was thin, and the room was stone." I.e. there was a very noticeable echo chamber effect in the room, so much so she heard some of what they were saying outside.
  5. One little problem with this: the Wheel actually predates the existence of the (artificial) gods the Engwithans created. IIRC, Iovara states that the Engwithans searched for generations in the hopes of finding the creators of the universe, but only found the Wheel (which they presumably already knew about) and empty silence. That's not to say the gods can't interact with the Wheel, however. Berath may in fact have seized some measure of control over it, given his portfolio, or he's just a charlatan pretending to be in control of a machine beyond his understanding.
  6. Another possibility is that it didn't have to do with the big secret, per se, but merely that Magran felt Eothas had 'crossed a line' in incarnating himself and in making war (which is her portfolio). She 'overreacted' a little and ended up killing Eothas, which nearly blew their cover, then tried to cover up her mistake by killing the 12 priests who worked on the Godhammer. It's remarkably petty if true, but then again we don't really have a very glowing report of Magran's character, either.
  7. Zohar makes an excellent point, and his post is probably as close as we can get to a sort of fan-concensus. Considering that Eothas hasn't been answering his own faithful for 15 years, and that his symbol isn't even present in Teir Evron while Woedica's is, it seems likely that he was indeed fully destroyed by the Godhammer bomb. Which makes sense, when you get a little further into the game and find out some interesting truths about the pantheon. It's just a real shame, though, because he's by far my favorite of the Eoran deities.
  8. I'm pretty sure Thaos was just that far gone. You won't have to go very far to find humans in real history who were willing to commit horrific atrocities in the perpetuation of a lie. When you go that far down the rabbit hole, and pursue something so single-mindedly for at least 2,000 years, your psychology literally does not have any room for doubt, self-reflection, or logical consistency. I'm sure watching/helping his fellow Engwithans commit mass-suicide to create the gods they so desperately wanted really screwed him up psychologically, too. In that regard, Thaos is well-written as a supr
  9. You mean post-1.03? That's what I was talking about earlier. I just beat him on Saturday, and I had to cheat in order to do so, because his Deflection was so sky-high nothing could hit him and he effortlessly wiped my party over and over.
  10. IIRC, the plan was already in motion at this point and the first Hollowborn appeared almost immediately after Waidwen's death, if not before the end of the Saint's War. There's a number of us who speculate that the Saint's War was caused because Eothas found out about Thaos' plans to restore Woedica in the first place. Whether or not he knew (or if he knew, cared) that he was a construct is irrelevant; if you consider that Woedica and Eothas have diametrically opposing portfolios and personalities the Saint's War suddenly makes a lot of sense. Why would the all-around nicest of the artific
  11. It also explains the seemingly out-of-character (for Eothas) behavior on St. Waidwen's part, such as persecuting the other faiths when he's supposed to be a Neutral Good good of hope and light. I've no doubt being possessed by a god turned Waidwen into a gibbering megalomaniac, of course, but if Eothas really was trying to stop Thaos' plans, it makes sense to attack the other gods for being part of 'the system' as well.
  12. I think what god you decided to favor might indeed have some impact on what happens to animacy, but it might also have to do with the faction you sided with in Defiance Bay. Personally, I got "stuck" with the Dozens (like many others on this board) as I didn't realize that accepting their second quest would lock me out of progression with the other factions. Although I tried my best to present a reasoned defense of animancy in the hearing, I suspect the Dozens being on top largely influenced the outcome after the Duc's assassination. In my ending slides, the Dozens ended up ruling Defianc
  13. Good point. Very well, what's the best way to 'debuff' his Deflection, then, so you can actually disable him? I'm not too used to debuffing since PoE in general places a considerably de-emphasized role on buffs and debuffs, especially compared to D&D and the old IE games. Wizards and clerics in this game generally go down easy and you don't even need to worry about stripping their defenses, as they generally have none to speak of. I pretty much ignored scrolls throughout my game as well, as I had no problems dealing with 90% of what the game threw at me.
  14. I don't believe this interpretation of events is mentioned much in the game, but a lot of us fans speculate that Eothas got wind of Thaos' plans to feed Woedica thousands of mortal souls so she could usurp the pantheon once again. It's based on a line of dialogue you -might- get with Durance when you reveal to him that Magran conspired with Woedica and meant to kill him. Given that Eothas and Woedica have pretty much diametrically opposing 'portfolios' (in D&D terms), it's not difficult to see why he felt motivated to act. So he crossed a line, incarnated himself in the form of St. Waidwe
  15. I originally posted this in another topic, but I'll just repost it here: For some reason I kept thinking that the Endless Maze was something akin to 'optional content' I could do whenever I wanted, and even though I hit level 12 right before facing down Thaos I just never bothered to go back and do it. So this meant Kana Rua had a fairly dismal ending where he goes home broken-hearted and solemn. For that reason (and probably because I didn't have enough time to buy *every* single keep upgrade) I got a bad ending slide for the stronghold, where it 'fell back into disrepair' despite me sin
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