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  1. Wizard and cipher have it pretty easy in act 1, which is arguably the most difficult part of the game to worry about. And Cipher's charm/domination tree of spells helps nab Sanguine Plate with pretty significant ease. Barbarian gets good at level 4 when you get One Stands Alone which deals with... just about everything that isn't a phantom. Monk is also a pretty smooth ride, especially if you put a mace in your left hand and abuse the high-accuracy double Torment with DR you get from it. I haven't tried rogue, but people have obviously had success with sneaking through enemies.
  2. You can get Gaze of Adragan traps from the trapmaker dude. I've never had any interest in checking the scroll because they're easy to make, but there might actually be something there worth taking a look at. Also, story purposes. You get a better ending if your stronghold is complete and, frankly, it's not like you're ever hurting for money in this game. I do agree that it definitely feels like an awkwardly added on feature.
  3. Noble Barbarian would be pretty good. Ravenwing and Mosquito are excellent Act 2 items. Honestly? This team isn't going to make the game feel any more interesting. I think you might want to try a trio, duo, or solo run through the game.
  4. Can I recommend to just skip right to PotD? I never played normal, so I don't know the specific differences between the difficulty levels in terms of what encounters have more / stronger enemies, but I feel like you're going to get bored of hard pretty fast. Skipping from normal to PotD -- especially with a custom party -- might actually prove to be a fun challenge, whereas hard might just be a breeze. Especially especially especially with a custom party. That party's A+ solid, though.
  5. I mean, hard is pretty much a walk in the part after Caed Nua anyways -- and it's only hard before you finish Caed Nua because there's no way a party can be resilient enough to breeze through the mess of phantoms that are thrown at you that early. If you want to use Grieving Mother, use her! She's a great companion story-wise and Ciphers are, in general, fun to use.
  6. You need one person (ideally an NPC) with high mechanics. Unless you're soloing, stealth is pretty negligible. Lore is easily the best skill, though -- and one that every single one of your party members should have at ~10 for scrolls.
  7. The companions are fine. The attributes in Pillars of Eternity don't lend themselves towards needing to be min/maxed. In general, most classes are more gear-dependent than they are attribute dependent, and the small difference in each point of a stat make it so that the NPC's perform perfectly fine in practice despite looking abysmal at a glance. For instance, 3% of a damage value that's generally no larger than ~45 at the high end for weapons really isn't much of an increase.
  8. The mushroom's charm is against deflection. Accuracy isn't affected by any of the attributes. I think everyone gains +3 for every level? I'm sure the enemies in this game have custom tweaked values.
  9. Rose of Salthollow is obtained in Cliaban Rilag, on the stream out. You have to have 16 Constitution to take the sub tunnel and "follow the glint"
  10. Don't get the cold damage. Take piercing shots instead if you're going gunner. I'd probably replace Heart of the Storm for Marksman, too.
  11. If you don't want to cheese her: Get the Dragon Slayer buff after promising to help her. This also lets you set up before the fight starts; you can begin in your terms (and skip having to do dialogue all the time!) by starting the fight. Abuse every potion and meal you can before the fight starts. At least set down one high-powered trap. Use scrolls. Revive, maelstrom, paralyze, and even fan flames to clear out the adds are all good. Obsidian Figurine and similar summon items placed on each character can help with the adds and distract the dragon. It's truly not that hard w
  12. Who says we are trying to let him live? Murdering the whole caravan on TCS for the lulz! :-D -- To Lasci - figurine isn't a valid tactic anymore since they jacked up the price, which was ridicilous tbh. TCS is hard enough as it is. Also to OP. That Madhmar bridge Xaurip Skirmisher isn't too bad - I lost a lot of toons to Xaurip Priests one shotting me for 80 burn damage - that's the worst. You can actaully outrun the xaurip with a chanter, if you take the movement speed chant, which is a tactic I use. I got to lvl5 without using potions/traps, just running around with the chant
  13. You can pretty reliably get past Caed Nua without going into the Temple by using the ~4 fan of flames scrolls you can craft early in the game alongside the figurine and blunting belt from the blacksmith. Apparently there's also a way to sneak past the phantoms in Caed Nua with a high enough stealth? If that can be done consistently, it should be incredibly simple to do Caed Nua. 1. Start with 1 in mechanics and sell EVERYTHING to Heodan other than a torch before you activate the waterskin. 2. You can do the blacksmith quest without fighting with 2 stealth, which nets you a discount.
  14. Are you the one with the zipping-around monk build? No, but I can see how it could be very effective in several encounters where you don't have the liberty of bottlenecking enemies. Casting a summon to distract people before running away and waiting for a moment where you can lure them in smaller groups is a really potent strategy until you get a retaliate item. Sanguine Plate (or the shield, alternatively) and Ravenwing trivializes most of the game's content.
  15. It absolutely, positively, 100% doesn't matter what your wizard's talents are. Some of the increased elemental damage utilities might help and weapon focus + blast will be nice for auto attacks, but in the end a wizard's all about his spells and you get those automatically and the choices are pretty self explanatory.
  16. No? It's entirely possible that the creature charming you has somewhere around 15 accuracy more than your deflection, which means that it's either extremely rare or outright impossible for them to miss. You still get hit with status effects on a graze, they just last less time. You guys are thinking about this like we're playing D&D and the creature has a to-hit roll to do damage and then an added effect that targets your Will defense. It doesn't. There's a single attack against your deflection (or whatever defense is listed in the spell) and if that grazes, hits, or crits, it
  17. In a startling turn of events I managed to get the Sanguine Plate on my level 5 monk and this game has gotten significantly easier. Almost disappointingly so!
  18. Sticking to the order's dogma in dialogue options will give the main character a (significant) defensive boost. There's honestly not reason not to get the 15% increased attack from two-handed style. I'm not convinced either of the utility talents is worth it, especially not the corrode. Scion changes the damage on Flames of Devotion to +120% fire (100% + 20% of 100% = 120%) versus the corrode, which changes it to a measly 55% (50% + 20% of 50% = 55%). Definitely drop the corrode talent for a flat 15% increase from two-handed style. Dwarf or aumaua would probably be better than human, t
  19. Scroll over the attack to see what the enemy's accuracy was. The thing about PoE is that defenses are more of a cushion than an actual barrier. You can have fifty more defense than an enemy's accuracy and they're still going to occasionally be able to graze you despite it. You're rolling d100's here, not d20's and you also have grazes, which means that 'not hitting' sometimes just means doing half the normal effect. You probably feel like charms are so strong because they have such a huge effect when they graze, whereas most normal attacks against your tank are probably grazing and the
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