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  1. If you do the Dozens quest line you'll meet them outside of Lle a Rhemen and can finally get your satisfaction
  2. We are talking about enchantment costs here and how much they affect each type compared to the cost of enchanting. That is the X in question. You lost me at the ABRACA and wood blocks parts, but I can clearly see that you are talking about basic game mechanics. Apples and oranges.
  3. But the purpose of 1H+S is damagedealing with protection, not damagedealing with alternating weapons enjoying a huge inherent speed bonus over other combinations, which is DW's niche. Thus, spending 2 DSI on enchanting both weapons in a DW setup benefits 100% of the game mechanics of DW all the time and spending 2 DSI on enchanting 1H+S benefits 100% of the game mechanics of 1H+S all the time. If you only enchant the weapon in a 1H+S combo, that combo benefits considerably less as a percentage increase to its purpose/mechanics supporting it when compared to the increase when you enchant both for 2 DSI. Not sure what you are talking about. Let me demonstrate it with X being the effectiveness factor 2 handed / ranged: X - nothing to talk about 1h weapon with nothing else: X - ditto dual wieldiong: X, then the other X, then the first X again, etc... it's never 2X, i.e. nothing ever stacks, that includes attack speed if the weapon is the source of it. (gauntlets of swift action and such will affect both) 1h weapon and shield: 2X, both weapon and shield stats apply at the same time (15% attack speed and the -15% recovery penalty) <- this is the only case where you get more bang for the buck.
  4. It's all perfectly fair and balanced except for 1h weapon + shield. That combo seems to benefit more as both bonuses apply at the same time, as opposed to dual wielding where stats don't stack, they just apply alternately.
  5. Check your accuracy, get into combat and check again. If it changed (to the correct value), nothing to worry about.
  6. All 3 dragons are quest related and you don't have to kill any of them to complete those quests.
  7. Which part of the OP's "I have done the Heritage Hill quest, and can speak to the spirits" did you not understand? :D
  8. Weapon and shield models can be found within their files (objectbundle folder). Other equipment like helmets, cloaks/capes and armor only have a model (and some have a texture) number which you can change. The models they are referring to are within the base game files. I can extract them, but no idea how to repack without getting errors. If you look at the helmet and armor icons you'll see that my character doesn't look like it'd have a horned helmet and Night Runner armor. How is a bit hard to explain. Not to mention Unity 4.5 isn't free (for personal use), unlike Unity 5.
  9. Josh clearly said that they would alter recovery speed first so it won't break the animation. This isn't even news.
  10. I always wanted an arena in PoE. You go in, tell the guy what you want to fight against and you get money if you win. The harder the fight, the more money you get. This would add a little endless gameplay, so you can still have some fun after beating the story, not to mention it'd make testing easier.
  11. Them I'd def. go with Accuracy. Paladin's base is 20 and you have low PER, on PotD opponents have really high deflection. Not to mention two handers are slow enough already, combine that with heavy armor, your low DEX and the speed penalty of VA and you'll hit (I mean graze) once every blue moon.
  12. I'd say that pretty much depends on the difficulty you are playing on and your DEX/PER.
  13. Staves are melee weapons in PoE. They do not shoot like in the DA series. That may be the reason why wizards favor implements.
  14. In other words Draining stays Draining, and Fellstroke's/Spelltongue's Ambushing will be changed to 15%?
  15. Draining was changed from 20% damage done restored as endurance to some attack speed stealing non-sense. It was apparently a bug and was fixed. What's this 15% attack speed draining now? I'm confused.
  16. Another good example would be the old Unreal Tournament games in Instagib mode. 1 shot and you are blown to pieces.
  17. I'm pretty damn sure they did work. Purgatory (8/12) and The Hours of St. Rumbalt (7/12) for instance which I used in 1.0 had no issues taking the Superb enchantment.
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