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  1. As my own experience, I believe that if you change the name of one item in the string, you change it for the entire pack. I mean, if you go to the string and change "sword" for "spear" every basic sword in the game will be renamed by spear. The only way would be to create a new unique item, I repeat, in my opinion. And this is out the game. In game there is no way.
  2. I'm trying to include some new custom armors and weapons on my game (Using habilities and 3D models included in the game.) but I'm having some troubles. If someone can teach and help me I would be grateful.
  3. I mean, some helmets are prety awful, but they give some decent stats. I would like to know is there some way to change their appearance, and not just remove them from view through "HelmetVisibility False", by editing some game file or something.
  4. It happened to me too. I dont know how to fix it. I tried to restart the game, rest, start a fight, change area... But anything worked. And if you try to edit the chants your skillbar grow up until the end of your screen.
  5. Since Patch 2.01, the Rogue talent Dirty Fighting, in my case, improved with Vicious Fighting, doesn't work. When I hit with a roll of 80-99, it count as an impact. I'd like to know if this problem has any solution, only happen to me or is a global issue.
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