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  1. I can't seem to find any way of doing this, and not sure if it is possible. But can you rename non-unique items? ... If I enchant a normal sword with Fine quaity, frost and slaying kith, then I would love to be able to name the weapon, so it is not just shown as 'Sword'.
  2. Hmm .. that is doubtful (about the previous version). I didn't install the game until recently and have not updated during my playthrough on my current laptop. But I'll keep an eye on it and see if it disappears once I leave the area.
  3. I just looted the Bartender's Ring from the chest in the back room of the Fox and Goose inn in Defiance Bay. The tooltip for the item on mouse-over shows *missing itemmods 288* and *missing itemmods 287*. Right-clicking on the item shows that these are '+20% dam. vs. vessels' and '+20% dam. vs. spirits'. Minor details, but should be fixable
  4. You sir, are now my favorite internet person :D ... that was driving me CRAZY!
  5. I installed this game on my Macbook Pro through Steam, and decided to install a portrait pack. Problem is, there seems to no portraits folder in the Steam folder for the game (see screenshot). I have searched my entire drive for it and I have not been able to locate it. I am guessing that the folder is part of the 14 GB PoE application file on Mac? .. and if so, there is no way to install new portraits? If that is correctly understood, is that an issue due to it being installed through Steam or because that is how it works on a Mac? I have seen it in some other games too (like
  6. Well I can see that it is actually a bug. Found it buried in another thread. So you can ignore this one, as it is being dealt with (I assume)
  7. So I am trying to retrieve the amulet she is keeping from some elf (Can't remember his name). My stats are not high enough in Resolve/Might to do anything but offer to buy it (or leave the conversation). I select to buy it without knowing the price, and now I can't exit the purchase, as there is no exit answer. I can't quit the conversation, so now I am stuck in either force quitting the game or forking over 6.000 cp for this amulet. That is a serious amount of money for me at this point in the game. Please always leave the player with an exit, unless it is part of a main quest lin
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