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  1. This is really, really good. I'm not gonna use it just yet, as my current playthrough is more story based, but I'm stealing ideas from this for my character.
  2. Bonuses on shield always stack... (I don't understand why are you saying the the character sheet indicates something else) When I Durganized Badgradr's Barricade a while back, rather than having the character sheet say that my guy has 20% reflection from the shield, or 10% from the shield's main effect, 10% from the steel, it just said 10% from the steel, nothing else.
  3. Durgan question. There's a shield that provides reflection towards projectiles. Does Durganizing it override the reflection effect, or adds to it? The character sheet seems to indicate the former.
  4. Hah, preach it! I don't even allow auto casting of spells, so having to babysit the fighters is a pain at times.
  5. Really depends on the playstyle preference. If you're the type that does the RPG beginner's mistake and conserve everything to the end, yeah they can feel like a liability. But if you're willing to go through their resources in most encounters, you'll find they have a huge edge over the other classes. I myself am very trigger happy with spells, so I find my Wizard usually dominates in overall efficiency. Druids are a little underwhelming though, since all their best spells are congested in 4th and 5th level, so it does feel like they have less casts than a Wizard at times. The former
  6. We get it already! You don't like rangers and prefer spellcasters to guys with physical ranged weapons. Enough already! But IMO, you're wrong to say that Storm Caller doesn't justify selecting a rangers because all you do is use a bow. That's YOUR opinion. Other people disagree. And you should say so a LOT more clearly, like starting the sentence with "IMO". I personally prefer a playstyle that isn't nearly so arcane heavy. I prefer to have as few spellcasters as I can get away with, because that's how *I* prefer to play! And that's ALL the justification I need to play a ranger,
  7. I use the Staff on my Druid since he's a primary staff user (for RP reasons). It's...I admit, it's not the best weapon for a Druid. The Elemental summon effect is nifty when it procs, as I have a free flank, but I wish I could replace the Nature's Mark effect. Now that we don't have Per encounter spells like before, it's a bit more useful as it saves me a spell cast, but still, not the best for a Druid. Free Beetle Shell is cool when I remember it, and I'm glad to have Iron Skin even though I never use it. All in all, the reason I use it is because there aren't too many good unique quarter
  8. I'm really not hating this Spell Mastery change as much as I thought. One one hand, I lose out on a lot of options, and that sucks (as a Druid main), but on the other, I'm not outright better than every other non spellcaster on the team in terms of efficiency and what I add to the group as a whole. I don't mind being forced to rest more, hell, that was the purpose of this change. I never really had to rest before, and my encounters had no thought, since I can skip using my doom spells and spam Sunbeam and Slicken or whatever.
  9. I tend to swap my team out every now and again, so I wanted a healthy mix. Main: Quarterstaff/Sword & Board/Hunting Bow He's a Druid, but since he's always on the team, I keep him flexible. Aloth: Scepter or Rod I don't care what he does with his non spellcasting time as long as he auto attacks. Eder: Sabre and Large Shield Durance: Arquebuses With the Intense Flame perk, I have a weapon to keep him out of harm's way while still contributing damage. Kana: Flail I wanted to try out One Handed style, the new graze-to-hit conversion thing seems cool, and it stacks w
  10. Oh, and start using potions and the like. I've found myself using consumables far more often. God, I love that Paralysis scroll.
  11. Same here, just weapons for me, and possibly traps, I haven't paid much attention to those. And yes, they disappear on transition to a new area, and saving & immediately loading will allow you to keep those items.
  12. And I've run into another bug with the Brave Derrim quest. Similar to the Guilded Vale bug, whenever I start the Brave Derrim quest, the game freezes. Unlike the Guilded Vale bug, I'm unable to even load a new file, I'm forced to Alt-Tab and close the game. This is an odd one. Upon further inspection, it seems that the game doesn't quite freeze. Instead, it becomes somewhat unresponsive. The mouse cursor disappears, the Enter key stops functioning, effectively locking me out (along with locking out the ESC and Quickload key, which the Guilded Vale quest did not), however I'm able to progre
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