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  1. Please don't "just" increase the amount of mobs. This is not what makes combat more fun or difficult... just tedious. It's not the amount of mobs - but the number of enemies in a given mob (though your point stands that simply having more enemies isn't necessarily more fun/challenging - especially if an AOE is taking them out). They also mentioned new level-scaling (so each enemy is tougher) - hopefully that'll make the difference (maybe in terms of abilities used by the enemies from being higher level and not just having more HP / hitting harder). "Mobs" is a term that refers to in
  2. She spawns back after the cut-scene meeting you have while first leaving the starting village. She'll be in your cabin when you are sent back to your ship after the cut-scene meeting. I'm not sure what you mean by "the cut-scene meeting". When your ship gets repaired? When meeting Serafen? I'm well past that point and she's just not there.
  3. PoE2 is a complete game. You are not entitled to any optional content they make after release, apart from bugfixes. On the contrary, releasing expansions is a very understandable strategy to keep making sales and support the business (and to support the support) behind the game. Devs gotta eat. If you think you can manage to play through the game only and exactly once then that's your problem. You got what you paid for already, so stop complaining.
  4. When creating a new character, choosing Wild Orlans as a race results in no head/hair customization tab appearing. I can select Portrait, Voice, etc. but the Head button is just missing. This happens regardless of whether I went back and forth in the creation menus; others reported a similar bug when they went back and chose a different race, but I'm getting this even if I immediately go with Wild Orlans. I'm playing the (1153) beta version on GOG right now.
  5. The first time I imported a game, everything looked fine (although I did get the Edér and Vela bugs and decided to wait for a fix before beginning "for real"). A day later, the save that shows up is suddenly named "Lighthouse" in the save import menu. The date, playtime and screenshot matches my gamecomplete save and the party does too, except Aloth's portrait is missing from the lineup for some reason. And now, no saves show up at all. Everything is still in the right folder and in PoE1 all games appear and work correctly.
  6. I encountered this bug as well. It happens specifically when you question him about joining and then agree, instead of directly agreeing to have him.
  7. I wouldn't necessarily see this as a bug - I mean, all the other crewmembers also die for real if they don't make it through the fight/the storm sequence, so you're babysitting them also. I think of this as your first opportunity to screw things up.
  8. I found Firebug to be a devastating spell for the druid. It can clear entire parties by itself. Cast it twice and basically only tanks and bosses will be left standing.
  9. I've talked to Azo after speaking with Gram but before talking with Uscgrim, which allowed me to confront him with his experiments. I said I'd turn him in, he attacked and died, after which I went to Ethelmoer and told him about Azo and his death. Then I went down again, did the whole flesh golem possession thing and fought my way out. Talking to Ethelmoer again was weird. I could report what happened, but then he asked "And what about Azo?". There was nothing to select except "Close Dialogue". The quest is marked as finished, but I'm not sure if something else was supposed to happen.
  10. Occasionally, after loading a save (I use quicksave and quickload 95% of the time, so I haven't encountered it yet after a normal save/load), the cursor will seemingly be pinned to a character. What I mean by this is that clicking anywhere in the open will select this character as if I had clicked on their portrait instead. Interactions with map transitions, containers, "inspect object" and selecting other characters (from their portraits) works fine, however. The cursor won't change to its typical "move here" cross form and it becomes impossible to draw a selection box, instead selecting the
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