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  1. I did the interaction with serafen yesterday where he finds the fort that ‘Ben’ is hiding. He made the comment about onions and Aloth said “he’s not bunking near me” he never appeared to actually join and I kept on thinking I’d get him later. After looking it up online it looks like he was supposed to come aboard and just bugged out? Is there anything I can do a couple hours later in the game?
  2. In the day since I’ve posted this I’ve been back and forth on what to do. I think I’ve settled on playing a cipher and would like to use a 2h weapon. With that in mind I took look at psyblade (devoted/soul blade). The thought being that I could survive some melee combat while providing decent control and damage. Does this sound reasonable? Is there a better candidate for 2h weapon cipher multiclass?
  3. Hi all, After reading about 10+ threads and watching some videos I think I've narrowed down my initial class selection and was hoping for some input from people familiar with the beta/mechanics for some advice. Traditionally I would play a wizard in RPGs. However, from what I saw casters are kinda weaker and I like Aloth enough as a character that I would want him in the party so having 2 wizards probably wouldn't pan out. If anyone has ideas on wizard multi classes that might work with another wizard in the party let me know. I didn't see any while looking around. Aside from wizard my thoughts were to create the 'melee dps' character of the party so I've been looking at one of the following: Mindstalker (assassin/soulblade) - I like the changes I've seen to stealth and I love 'assassination style'. I would probably run this as dual wield obviously. Inquisitor (soulblade/goldpact) - I'd love to run this build with a 2h. I know in general people are leaning toward dual sabres but from a 'look and feel' stance I feel like a 2h sword would be the 'coolest' look for this class. Is a 2h sword viable at all or are 2handers just completely out classed by single handed weapons. Any insights anyone here can offer are appreciated. If you have other multiclass groups that might be similar I'd be willing to hear just about anything. So much of what I looked up might have been older information
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