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  1. Ha, a troll pet to make the game more IE-like. Well played, Obsidian.
  2. One of the hardcore members will come here just to comment on how he is wrong and point out how and where the game could have used improvement OR tell him his post is weird/creepy. That about sum it up? Of course. Sounds about right.
  3. Noticed a bug with the latest update, while creating a character the menus will become unresponsive on attribute allocation screen. I can still manipulate the cursor and click some of the items in the background (the confirmation sound is played) but none of the graphics on screen update. I'm even able to navigate back to the main menu, but the character creation graphics remain on the screen.
  4. You make a wall now, or give tanks some ability do deal damage with disengagement attacks. The AI has been improved to the point where it will ignore defensive targets with poor damage potential.
  5. The lesson here is that no matter what you do, magic casters will always be more powerful than martial classes. I don't think that's really a bad thing, as long as martial classes still serve a purpose.
  6. Come on, Elric, don't you know that increasing the power gap between martials and casters is the main goal of patches at this point? Getting that IE game authenticity!
  7. Why are you leading with a Rogue? Lead with a tankier character, run in and pick off stragglers with the Rogue or flank engaged units and tear them up. I've been running a dual wielding Orlan Rogue in POTD for a while (in The White March currently) and she is a terror. Crits, interrupts and high damage all day with mobility abilities to re-position when necessary. She can't do it all alone, but that's why you have multiple members in a party. If you rush three Xaurips at level 1-2 without potions then of course you're going to be destroyed; you can't survive their attacks long enough to ge
  8. Regarding Constant Recovery and Rapid Recovery, do any character attributes alter the bonus gained? If I have above average Might or Constitution will the 3% & 1.5% bonuses change accordingly or are they static?
  9. Just cheat and break the achievements. If you want unlimited rests, there's a console command. People who want to burn spells during every encounter never needed to worry about per-encounter vs per-rest abilities.
  10. Because Obsidian and this community eschews any game design improvement that happened after BG, because BG was perfect. /s Ignoring the fact that armor and weapons are not class specific, unlike the IE games? Also, the fact that skills can be used by anybody and not specific classes.
  11. Not the "To Hit" roll, the "Damage" roll. Remember, damage is between the range of 17 to 25. Then add the bonus from getting a crit.
  12. I've had arbalests and pistols interrupt, not sure about the other reloadable weapons.
  13. Might is calculated in the final damage range of a weapon. So, the 17-25 damage range already takes Sagani's 18 might into consideration. Regarding the DR, I'm assuming that the negative value (0 - 5) messed up the display logic for MIN. Finally, it's possible that the initial damage roll was low so the additional amount added from the crit gave a total of 25. Possibly 17 (hit) + 17mod2 (add 50% for a crit) = 25.
  14. Only worthwhile if you plan on moving to the front-line after firing all of your weapons. If you want to go pure ranged, it's not worth it.
  15. Yes, you can abuse the rest mechanic to ensure that your spell slots are always available. But that's a player choice and not everybody wants to rest after each battle; some players actually try to limit resting for role-playing/challenge purposes. At the moment, there's nothing I can really do about the fact that I get 4 free spell slots per encounter. Do I pretend they are all for rest? Avoid using the spells entirely? At least with this change, players have to choose to willingly "abuse" the system to get full spell slots for use during each encounter.
  16. BG and IWD didnt have abilities that increased aggro, the AI just stuck to any enemy that it couldn't effectively pass. Engagement solves the problem of melee and ranged kiting from the IE games, where enemies would mindlessly focus on specific units while the rest of the party attacked with no risk (even in melee).
  17. I doubt it, the thread is a mess of complaints. Maybe send him a direct line on twitter or something. Granted, he'll then get complaints if he moves the malus back to accuracy so it's really just a case of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" for him at this point.
  18. Anyway to add a formula so that Constant Recovery heals a percentage of max endurance instead? That would keep it useful throughout the entire game without being too strong early on.
  19. aka letting the AI take over the lolFighter and take personal control of your Caster. Or not taking a Fighter in your party at all, that's an even better method of playing a Fighter. I stand by what I said. Sarcasm has no merit. Saying that they're balanced without giving reasons is meaningless, though. Also, stating that "simply some people can't play them" just seems like a cop-out so you don't need to explain yourself. Edit: Can we not have this same argument in every thread that involves Fighters? Let's keep it on track and focus on the mod that the OP made, take
  20. Smart mod idea that doesn't over-tune any of the stated abilities. I'll be sure to take a look at it.
  21. Just a quick reply to some of the points you brought up in the original post: Every inn provides the ability, for some gold, to re-roll the stats of your main character and hired adventurers. So, you don't need to worry about being locked into a sub-optimal build now that some attributes have been adjusted. Ciphers have been re-balanced in terms of focus gain and spell power, but their play-style has not really changed. The only major concerns regarding game-play changes that you need to worry about are some of the new options (party AI), but the mechanics remain largely the same. Also, en
  22. What change are you looking for, exactly? Clarification would probably help after multiple pages of people complaining about Fighters in general. Josh already said that they could consider changing the malus on Defender, but it seems unlikely any more bonuses will be added to it.
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