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for once obsidian got a bug right :dancing:

The words freedom and liberty, are diminishing the true meaning of the abstract concept they try to explain. The true nature of freedom is such, that the human mind is unable to comprehend it, so we make a cage and name it freedom in order to give a tangible meaning to what we dont understand, just as our ancestors made gods like Thor or Zeus to explain thunder.



What? You thought it was a quote from some well known wise guy from the past?


Stupidity leads to willful ignorance - willful ignorance leads to hope - hope leads to sex - and that is how a new generation of fools is born!

We are hardcore role players... When we go to bed with a girl, we roll a D20 to see if we hit the target and a D6 to see how much penetration damage we did.


Modern democracy is: the sheep voting for which dog will be the shepherd's right hand.

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Well, you get +15 Accuracy for using a 1H weapon without anything in the other hand. So presumably, if this were implemented as a full feature (AS IT SHOULD BE :dancing:), that Accuracy bonus wouldn't be present when using this system. You'd also (presumably) get the extra 1s of recovery time since you're not dual wielding. Not sure how it works at the moment though.


That'd be a more than decent tradeoff though. Missing out on 15 Accuracy for the sake of an opening salvo - it'd be UP, but who cares? It'd be fun. :p

It sounds pretty crappy to me and would go against their no bad builds ethos. It would pretty much be a trap.


I still say they should fix the bug (since its dumb; no real pirate would hold on to his pistol for the duration of a battle after he has fired his shot). Again, they can mechanically implement the style through the existing quick weapon slot system and some quick draw like talents for switching between one handed melee or ranged weapons when nothing is in the offhand.

How exactly would this be a bad build? How wouldthis stop you from completing the game? Now remember the "no bad builds" wasnt that every build will be good, the "no bad builds" would mean u could beat the game with any build. Not that that this build isnt as damaging as another build.

roleplaying aspects i wouldnt care if there was a minus, u would start the combat out strong and with style and then slash away screaming YARR!


This shouldnt be considered a bug at all, what they should consider is trying to reload and getting stuck in the animation in combat the bug, not the ability to duel weild a pistol and sabre.

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It seems pretty dumb to me. I would be much happier if they put in talents to approximate the style (allowing one handed weapons to be swapped at no penalty when nothing is in the offhand) rather than just perpetuate a style that has you hold a useless weapon after its been fired. Again, a pirate would holster his pistol after firing it during a boarding action (to focus on the use if his cutlass/boarding axe/cuttoe/knife/whatever). Unless you are roleplaying a drunken idiot at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, then this is stupid.

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There was something similar to this in Wizardry 7 or so, since it added muskets/blunderbuss weapons.  The former could be equipped in the offhand, but only held a single shot; the latter was primary only, but held two shots.  The pistols didn't auto-reload, so once you shot your... load, you were out of ammo, and any additional attacks you might've had in that slot didn't happen until you took a turn to reload.


So, it worked ok for short encounters or with characters that were attacking from the back-lines that wouldn't be able to take advantage of multiple attacks with an offhand (etc.) too.  It was effectively a very situational thing, though you could sometimes justify having a character with dual pistols (that had to reload every other round) on account of the fairly high damage and crit potential.


Wizardry 8 made reloading firearms an automatic function iirc, which made the trade-off a non-issue for the most part.

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Sorry for a thread-bumb, but where are we standing with this one?

That's a serious necro. But yeah, not sure what you expect that wasn't covered on the first page. It was a bug and it's been fixed.




I would have loved to shoot once with my off-hand and then gone into melee as a duelist (one-handed weapon fighting).

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Well, it's not entirely gone.

Put a one-handed weapon in the 1st weapon slots, and put a gun in the 2nd weapon slots. Pirate!

Because the weapon not equipped will still be visible on the character ;) (I tend to put a torch in the other weapon slot because it looks cool :D)

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Currently you can use a pistol with a melee weapon.


At the start of combat you fire the pistol, then attack with your melee weapon in the other hand.


Apparently this is a bug? (I think)







The pistol + shield thing is actually a bug. All guns are supposed to be two-handed.





How about a firearm shot as a per encounter ability available only if you've got a formerly 1h firearm equipped in the second weap slot? (personally i'd go for a blunderbuss shot). It would make an overwhelmingly stylish encounter opener.

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I see the dreams so marvelously sad


The creeks of land so solid and encrusted


Where wave and tide against the shore is busted


While chanting by the moonlit twilight's bed


trees (of Twin Elms) could use more of Magran's touch © Durance


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You could have a pistol in one quick weapon slot and a sabre or rapier in the other.

 but the looks!

  After my realization that White March has the same XP reward problem, I don't even have the drive to launch game anymore because I hated so much reaching Twin Elms with a level cap in vanilla PoE that I don't wish to relive that experience.

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