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  1. I would recommend a non spell based ranged character as a ranger over rogue having finished a PotD with a ranged rogue. I would review it as the ranged rogues have much less attack rating then ranger and overall the ranged rogue felt lack luster compared to a earlier playthrough I dual rogue who finished game with 150k damage done. The second playthrough on potD as a ranged rogue finished above the priest as well as tank in total damage done but below all others. The tank at the last auto save at the final boss had 18k total damage done, the priest 19k total damage done, and the ranged rogue 60k total damage done. But the barbarian had over 140k done, the cipher over 120k, the druid over 120k. Looking at the totals again with two different characters one with a ranged rogue vs the first on as a dual wield 60k as ranged 150k as dual tells me all i need to know.
  2. Enchanted cloth only here. Finished game (potd) with a two weapon rogue with no regrets. Game plan was to either send tank(s) with a cipher casting the 'flank' spell then send in rogue to deal massive damage. Ended up with the 2h barbarian with ret armor having 110k rogue 90k. Saber is bar non best 1h weapon to use. Secondly any other weapon type that gives bonus to flanking.
  3. agreed on both should be option to have Thaos win and option to eat souls for self.
  4. I think this may be a bug as i just bought a lvl 5 wizard adventure who has his lvl 1 spells all blacked out (lvl 1 area is blacked out and no spells are selectable). I also cannot asign any spells to the lvl 1 section. Just recreated this bug by buying another wizard and having lvl 1 spells all unable with the grimoire it comes with. If i switch the grimoire with another one it then lets me actually fill in the first level spell section.
  5. Stats are fine. I played through hard as a 21 might, 18 dex, 3 con, 18 perception, 3 int, 16 resolve with minor problems due to duration of blind (6 seconds). Should be fine sneak attacking from ranged exp if you add in a character that can debuff. My thoughts after doing this is that early on the wood elf racial +5 accuracy is fairly powerful and I would end up doing more damage overall as well.
  6. Path of the Damned, Expert Mode, and Ironman mode or bust! I can always rehire my min/max party members that die off as I am largely skipping the 8 npc companions. Just have to worry about keeping the main character alive so it will be something ranged.
  7. I don't know - maybe its because people like Chris Roberts respecting his fans and always putting them first has spoiled me - but I feel backers should be number 1 priority in all situations. I suppose thats why Chris Roberts broke 75 million in funding and has its own free hype machine lessons should have been learned. Another game I bought gave out the steam preload keys months in advance. This is what should have been done!
  8. Really really want it possible to mod in companions that have banter/quests to fill out the missing class options.
  9. Iron man mode, so looking forward to this.
  10. If the review was a metaphor for the blind person touching the trunk of a elephant then spot on review!
  11. The poll expresses a point that the community divided. This stems in part to how many of us feel that 'spiritual successor' phrase thrown out there by the development team coupled with no combat xp is a bad mix.
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