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What Game Should Obsidian Make

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 as big as Bioware, it's safer for them to use third-party IPs.



BioWare use a EA money for making Mass Effect...


I must admit, news about Arcanum and Activision was an unpleasant surprise for me. :unsure:


It doesn't matter whether they use EA's money or not, they are an important branch of EA now.

They are big, and have enough money to fund new IPs.

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Something bright. Either a star trek-esque utopian sci-fi, or some sort of brightly colored way out there fantasy type game. Something with highly stylized (but not WoW-esque giant pauldrons) armor, fantastic mounts, etc. Like a western Final Fantasy.


Or a Steampunk game.

The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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A tentacle Hentai Dating game.

You are a Tentaclemonster who really wan'ts to peacfully date Japanese Schoolgirls.

..... that would be a hit ... or not...



I really want RPG's set in real historical times / alternate fiction based on real historical times (Darklands).
Fantasy elements would be ok but keep it low Fantasy.

For example the Victorian age but without steam punk super science.
How ablaut playing a German tribesman before the battle of Teutenburg (with the option to side with the romans).
China during the Warring States Period. Maybe this time the Qin loose.


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I'd LOVE to see them do another contemporary action/espionage RPG. I loved Alpha Protocol, despite its flaws, and I think there's a lot they (can) have learned from its development, and there is SO MUCH POTENTIAL that could be explored and realized in an espionage game. Especially since AP handled stealth so well (it was the easiest/best/most fun way to play AP IMHO), designing a game that incorporated lots of stealth and cleverness would be so much fun to see. I liked seeing how they handled a contemporary "real world" setting as well. I'd love to see what they could do with their own IP and license to develop a spy game as they saw fit. The only thing I'd want to be sure that was different from AP (beyond general bug fixes and mechanical balance) in terms of structure is to be sure you had an option to play a female PC. Narratively anything goes.


But really, whatever most excites them. If Obsidian had a passionate vision for and then thus made Phonebook: the Video Game, I'd probably play it. :)

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...Planescape: Torment remake...git on wit' 'er, kids, while I's still young(ish)... :dancing:




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A long, long time ago, but I can still remember,
How the Trolling used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance, I could egg on a few Trolls to "dance",
And maybe we'd be happy for a while.
But then Krackhead left and so did Klown;
Volo and Turnip were banned, Mystake got run out o' town.
Bad news on the Front Page,
BIOweenia said goodbye in a heated rage.
I can't remember if I cried
When I heard that TORN was recently fried,
But sadness touched me deep inside,
The day...Black Isle died.

For tarna, Visc, an' the rest o' the ol' Islanders that fell along the way

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· A NWN2 successor: No need for DnD, but same vibe. Toolset. Mods. Multiplayer NWN-style. DM client. Polished, good looking graphics, better camera, you name it. 

· Fallout 4/New Vegas 2. To make up for Bethesda's non-existant storytelling skills. I still want to meet Clover as a real character again. :(

· Skyrim 2/New Riften/whatever. See above. 

· Another modern-setting RPG, a little bit in the style of, say, The Secret World (but not MMO) comes to mind. Just thinking it could be well done with a deep storyline. 

· Surprise me Obsidian. 


For now I'm looking forward to PE and Order of the Stick though, both look fun in their own way. 

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· Another modern-setting RPG, a little bit in the style of, say, The Secret World (but not MMO) comes to mind. Just thinking it could be well done with a deep storyline.

Going from George Ziets' Formspring, Obsidian tried pitching urban fantasy in the past but publishers just weren't interested. Of course they might have access to data I don't have, but it just seems *weird* to me, considering urban fantasy is the most mainstream kind of fantasy and has been doing well in TV ever since the 90s.

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