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  1. Good take on the stronghold concept guys. What I like most about it is how you can send your idle companions to do missions similar to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The prsion concept sounds fun too, I can't wait to vist the prsion for "more experiments"
  2. I bet those same spiders she's working on will the same spiders that will make me smash my quick load key after losing half my party due to poor poison resistance.
  3. i'm not that huge of a fan of the fact that your class is tied to a specific single order, and that you will probably get associated with it even if you don't like it. I think the same for monks... Paladins and monks are not tied to the foundation orders. Have you guys been thinking of a negative type Paladin like the Blackguard from D&D?
  4. Seeing that scree shot gives me too many bad memories of getting my party killed in IWD.
  5. Have you guys also thought of using a radial menu similar to PS:T and Neverwinter Nights 1?
  6. I like the color and theme of the UI but I do think you could tweak it a little 1. Cut off the UI when using widescreen resolutions, it helps to make it more minimalistic 2. Remove the journal/inventory part of the UI, most players are going to use hotkeys and removing that part makes more room for the portraits ect. 3. Make the event menu full screen covering the UI, it's a small adjustment but it incresses the players immersion and reduces the distraction of the UI, helping the player to focus on the chocies Also how are you handleing high resolutions? In isometric games like Baldur's Gate and The Temple of Elemental Evil, when you incress the resolution the camera zooms out, making it feel more like your controlling ants in a maze than adventures in a dungeon.
  7. Did Time just confirm that there will be dragon fights!? This just keeps sounding better and better.
  8. I would be excited and it could of happend with Disney, but sadly look at what BioWare did to the old repbulic and how it almost bankrupted EA. I doubt Disney would allow anything related to the old republic.
  9. I always thought they would make a good cyberpunk RPG like Deus Ex and Blade Runner.
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