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God suggestions:


The god of transgressions, exploration, of the spaces between borders. Nomadic people, same-sex couples and all sorts of outsiders are assumed (rightly or wrongly) of worshipping this god of indeterminate gender. Many conservative, tight knit societies loathe this god and call it the Corruption. The general public often conflate it with The Leech (see below), though priests and scholars are generally aware that they are separate entities. Worshippers of this god tend to keep very quiet about it as they are often distrusted, or even actively persecuted. Transgender or other "unusual" people are considered holy, whether they like it or not. Worshippers don't completely trust their own god or other followers either, as the "transgressive" part can be problematic.


The god of borders and stability. Art tend to be stylized, with clear distinct fields of color, architecture is a highly respected craft. Purity and strength is valued, as is social cohesion and unity, but all talk of "oneness" causes unease among followers. Other cultures tend to find cultures where worship of this god is dominant at best dreary and conservative, at worst oppressive, xenophobic and controlling. Relations between genders are strictly ritualized, and typical love poetry revolve around the beauty of this separation, of not fully understanding the other. These cultures produce many monastic orders. One insular clan which doesn't tolerate the worship of any other god is rumored to have special rituals to strengthen the minds and souls of children and sometimes even adults against what they call "possession" - any echoes or memories of former lives. They have never been known to share this knowledge with outsiders. Any in the clan showing signs of possession are summarily killed.


The goddess of secrets and mystery. She exists, but almost nothing else is known about her among mortals. She actively discourages worship and all forms of intellectual curiousity. Scholars fear this being which oppose them, and just mentioning her is considered very bad luck. Many suspect that finding out more about this goddess would lessen her strength, but those who attempt to research her tend to quickly die in violent accidents or just vanish without a trace.


The Leech. The god of parasites - animal, human, and supernatural. Worshippers do exist, but they are rare and universally hated. Their holy symbol is a small tick made of metal, usually hidden somewhere on the body. Beggars in bigger cities often form guilds that police against Leech worship, and if any are found they are driven away or quietly disposed of. The informal leaders of these guilds argue that begging is done from necessity, but true followers of the Leech seek to grow ever stronger by weakening and sickening others. It is a grave insult to call a beggar or anyone else a Leech in most cultures. This god is suspected of being the progenitor of vampires.

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Well, I didn't win the lottery, so no last minute pay-pal 10k donation from me.

Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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One Week Left for PayPal


The Project Eternity PayPal donation period will be ending next week on Monday, December 3rd at 6:00PM PST. After December 3rd current backers can add shipping and handling costs at our backer fulfillment site (coming soon). At the backer site, you will be able to select your add-ons and fill out your shipping address, so make sure you keep an eye out for the email that explains how to use the backer site. As a reminder we will let you know when the emails go out in a future update.


After next week we will be accepting slacker backer donations via PayPal for $29 for a Digital Download Copy of Project Eternity for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Get in now for a discount this week if you haven't already! The higher tier rewards and physical items offered on the Kickstarter will not be available past December 3rd, 6:00PM PST.


I just want to be sure on this...


I pledged during the KS campaign at the 250$ tier.

I now would like to add the Limited Edition PE audio CD.

Should I do it today and put KS email in the paypal "special instructions" notes (so you can relate my paypal add on with my KS pledge)?

Or should I wait for the backer site to go online?



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One take on Gods that i like is one that came to me when i was trying to understand the Elderscrolls verse and i took some info too literally.


There's this talk of the Godhead, which i took literally as everything happening in an entities mind. Of coarse that's wrong (sound theory, but not what word means) but in my misunderstanding i tried to rationalise each of the Aedra, Daedra and realms like the Aetherius into segments of a mind. Each of the Gods represented personality traits, Anu/Padamay were hemispheres of the brain, Sithis as Cerebrospinal fluid, etc.


I'd like to see something like this, in this game or another, explored. You could have two opposing eldergods (calculation and creativity), mainstream gods such as sight or memory and then lesser known/supporting gods such as pituitary gland, pineal gland or other drug inducers.

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Ok this will be my idea for A God in the universe.


First i dont want to to many, in the PE world, but there should be a fair amount of gods like in most mitologies,

The standard Greek gods.

The standard Nordic gods.

The standard Hindu gods.

The standard Mayan gods.

And so on.


Most mitologies have gods for each aspect of life. And we should keep this consept becuase is universal.

And that like the greek myth and with the idea of the Philosofers that the soul has all the information and regaining that information from the soul and so on, one can be As strong as a god or a god slayer if he the body and sould are one.should be cool.


But back on topic. My god should be, Talok god of the rivers (River of souls), flow and journeys.

Talok is the god that has the job of returning all things like water to the Ocens and the god of the seas. He helps each drop of water to find his way back home.

thats why he is the god of journey also, he helps people and souls (River of souls) to find their way to witchever destination they want or need to reach.

Talok is a good Deity that sometimes is mischivius making you go where you need to be instead of where you want to, sometimes its the person own death, so the soul can go to his next life, somethimes is to here a hero is needed, sometimes is where a Conqueror will find the weakpoint of the enemies armor.


A god of journey can be grate for the player, so he has a resourse of help to know where to go like many Mystirius NPCs in past games.


Talok is often portaited and upwards flow of water with a man and a woman beeing craried by the flow.

Talok dosent have a specific form, he can take the form of what ever he likes, if a Male hero he can be a Fair maiden, for a Female Hero it can be a Charming Bard, etc.

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I found out about this an hour ago (45 min till the deadline) talk about cutting it close >.<


Wish I'd known about it earlier, my kickstarter mail dropped the ball there. Anyway, good luck guys, cant wait to see what comes from this :) Some of my favorite talent and a company that's had it rather rough due to crappy publishers, cant wait to see what will come from the direct method

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You could apply the same mechanism to deities. More followers equals more power, not because "my lightning bolt is bigger than yours!", but because my followers are more powerful/influential/dominant and so shape the world in my image. You could say, the end result is the same, even if for different reasons.

That's a good, original way to handle it, which also gets around dieties being uninterested in the realm of mortals; it declaires right off that, they do care, and are involved, if for no other reason than personal gain. So, they can embody stuff, and live in different dimensions, and grant boons, but just like anyone else, they care about dominance, and luxery. If magic only goes so far, then that's where being on the top of the heap, human labor, and civilization all work for an immortal super being. That leaves the question of, why religious leaders, not civil leaders.


There could be both religious, and civil gods, as well as god king gods. We can take a page from history in how the religious became more and more specialized and split from government, while religious institutions maintained sway over everything, to waining degrees. All the hip gods, who realize they can gain luxery and power without all the day to day management opt to be religious leader/figureheads, and pass the boring work onto popes, and the like. The ones who really like human affiars, or who are crazy, are the actual day to day leader of their religion, or government. Then there are others who just don't care about that kind of thing; they accrue power in other ways, but they don't have formal cults, or governments backing them. They're the kind of god who just does what ever godly ambodying amuses them: becomes part of a pantheon, or starts a wheel right guild, or swims around the ocean pulling sailors to their drowning death, because that's what they're good at, and they have no ambition for anything more than that.


That leaves things open for all sorts of divine organizations. Lone gods, crossover gods, family pantheons, pantheon by virtue of nothing more than cultural association gods, patron god of a city god, patron saint style gods, spirits of nicknack gods, and so on.

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I would like to see a deity, that doesn't want to be a deity.


I remember reading in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy about a character that became immortal by accident. At first they thought it was great, but then after a few millennia they became extremely bored. They decided that in order to occupy some of the time that was left they were going to insult every sentient being in the universe that ever existed. They were going to use a time machine to achieve this, and just to make it even more time consuming, they were going to do it in alphabetical order by name.


So, I think it would be great to show the unanticipated effects on a mortal being when they becoming a god. I mean eventually the creativity will run out and then what do you do with silly amounts of power and longevity. Think about how depressed young successful child actors can become, now multiply that by omnipotence. You could wind up with a very dangerous, very bored, very lonely and unstable individual with a dark sense of humor and a desire for nothing more than to be entertained or killed, or both.


To make it even better... the back story could be something like this...


Long ago an ancient no good, evil, bad, not very nice individual by the name of Morgrok the Maleficent devised a plan to become a god. It was a horrible bad, wicked, evil plan. It involved manipulating two kings into believe that great wealth and power was contained within an ancient ruin (the moment you say power around a king they can't help but want to hear you out.). Power great enough to rule the world (because anything less would be boring right?). Neither king had been known to be very aggressive. (except on Tuesday's when their shows were on) However Morgrok's agents told each king that the other was planning on taking this power and using it to conquer the world. (again, it's all or nothing.)


Upon hearing this, both kings hastily dispatched large armies to stop the other. (Sooo predictable) The two kingdoms set up camp near the ruins, placing scouts nearby to ensure no one went within. Morgrok's agents again instigated the situation by attacking both sides with small groups of assassins, dressed in the style of the other kingdom. (seriously, a few shirts with the right colors and wham, instant Armageddon.) Both groups of assassins fled the field quickly, once their false identities had been established, retreating back to the ruins. (Yeah that's not suspicious.)


This lead the war hosts to charge into the ancient palace and become engaged in a terrible and pointless battle. (well most battles are pointless but this one was extra pointless.) Pointless to those who fought it but very important to Morgrok. For when each person died, their souls became trapped in a devious device (curiously it was labeled the Devicious Divece; Turns out Morgrok's Devious Device Designed was Deemed Dyslexic) that was housed within the ruins. When the battle was waning and both sides were bloodied and thinned, Morgrok released a horrible bestial minion to slay the last of the men and ensure none escaped. (What is up with evil guys and their bestial minions. It's like women and little dogs or something.)


Everything had gone exactly according to plan, the device was filled to overflowing with souls and the final ritual of ascension was ready to be completed. There was just one problem. Morgrok had forgotten to tell his Janitor to take the day off. (Not that I would have believed him if he had told me, usually when he told people to take the day off it meant they were about to die a horrible painful death.) And as the ritual was set to imbue the next individual to step into the center of the ring of power, (A ring of power that Morgrok insisted every night be swept three times and washed to ensure no little bits of anything might get ascended to godhood instead of him. That would have been funny though, imagine an all powerful, all knowing, immortal piece of lint.) it was poor luck for Morgrok AND poor luck for his janitor Carl (Me) when the nightly sweeping began. (He insisted I always start in middle and push out, picky S.O.B.)


And so there you have it. That is how I, Carl the night janitor, became Carl the immortal janitor. I don't do much sweeping anymore, but I never really had any other titles. And Carl the immortal just sounds sort of intimidating. Some fool would probably wish to test his strength against an Immortal Carl. But an immortal janitor? People tend to ignore janitors, immortal or otherwise. Anywho, I'd be lying if I said I was tired (never HAVE to sleep actually) but sleeping is the last thing I can tolerate doing, so goodbye.

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The most important concept is to decide upon is whether deities are derived from mortals or visa versa. I personally prefer deities being secondary to mortals.


A different take, with soul-centric philosophy would feel something like this:

  1. The cosmos predate deities.
  2. Gods should be incomprehensibly powerful, but exist within the framework of the cosomos--not above or outside of it.
  3. Being derived from souls, gods should only exist for things which have souls. IE: Only gods for living things--not gods with an explicit portfolio of Storms or Fire.
  4. A diety should embody only the innate aspects of the sentience they are derived from. War, Invention, Healing are not part of sentient beings--they are products of their qualities. Anger, Curiousity, Love, Ambivalence--these are the things which make a soul/mind.

This is the only way I can think of truly distinguishing P:E pantheons apart from every other mythos ever created. Life begets souls, souls beget deities, deities beget life.

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^ : Same.


The money's gone and don't want to be missed out.


"Pebbles are good, rocks are bad."

"People dislike the popular because it's crap"


"HTH. Because it means I can talk down to you some more."


"I can do you a quote a day, but you'll have to pay. Preferably with suicide."


"You want original? Why? It's not as though that's ever touched your life before."


"A woman scorned is a fun thing. Let's boogie."

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The Friend at the Fireplace, the Old Hound, the Greyfather:


Chanters tell an ancient tale, of when man still dwelt in the great eternal wald, and at night would sit shivering in superstitious dread around their campfires. One night an old lord of wolves came to the fires of man, and lay down in the warmth and comfort. He would he said stand guard against the shadows and drive away any wrongdoers, and in return the people would feed him and take him in as family. So it came to pass, and the Greyfathers pups would come to be the first hounds born in mans lands. So mankind was blessed with a great friend and able hunting partner, and together the two species grew strong and populous.


What is not often told is that the Old Hound did not die or fall in service, he slipped away into the wald when his children were full grown and lived alone once more as a lord of wolves should. But often across the lands tales will be told of him, of lost children found sleeping warm and safe in the thick fur of a giant grey wolf, of a housewife menaced by brigands who finds his massive form and slavering jaws at her side, of the unlucky hunter who is gifted a freshly killed stag by a grinning old wolf.


Whether he is spirit or god no one knows, but the Friend at the Fireplace has been seen across the world. It is known that he protects the home and hearth, that small children are safe in his care, and that the hunter may call upon him for luck. More than this however the Greyfather is known as the staunchest of guardians, his loyalty to the family of man unquestioned, and when an individual is valourously loyal he is said to have the heart of the Old Hound. Those who beat hounds, mistreat their families or kill indiscriminately during the hunt are said to be shunned by this ancient being, and are cursed by ill luck and the hatred of all beasts.

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Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

I've seen things you people can't even imagine. Pearly Kings glittering on the Elephant and Castle, Morris Men dancing 'til the last light of midsummer. I watched Druid fires burning in the ruins of Stonehenge, and Yorkshiremen gurning for prizes. All these things will be lost in time, like alopecia on a skinhead. Time for tiffin.


Tea for the teapot!

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Hi to ALL!!!!


...i'm NEW hear and i'm a GREAT fan of RPG'S in general...


....i'm REALLY angry....with MYSELF....because i've arrived to late here....and NOW (from what i've understood) i'm not able to buy a collector edition (cost : 140 usd)

.....BUT i want to ask:....in the future you will re-open the "buy-list" (from normal only download version to the "super special" version) that i can buy by PAYPAL?


....OR it's ALL finished and what i can buy it's the simple "slacker backer" of 29 usd?....

..Thanks for ALL...and i'mwaiting your reply by crossing my fingers......;)!

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Damnit, I knew I thought I had seen a thread on the topic before.


Should have paid more attention before going off on a spree.

Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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Hello, sorry to resurrect this thread but I was interested in the way you build your scenes, especially with the colliders part to occlude view. I have asked on the tech section how you would do that and got a link in here, so I gave it a try to make a simple test scene in unity trying to replicate your method.


For the occlusion colliders I wrote a very peth mask shader that hide everything that goes behind a mesh with that shader, and thats ok, the only thing I'm dinfing difficult is how to build a confortable workflow. Looking at another of the preview videos of PE, in aprticular this one:



I noticed that in your example of the test scene used for the preview you have the background image  as top down plane, and not rotated on 45 degrees, presumably because is more confortable to move the camera ingame this way. But having characters and I guess doors and other objects in 3d, you can't fake them to be isometric so they have to be rotated for real somewhow, and here is where I'm interested in your approach, this is a pic of my test scene trying to achieve what you have done on the pic of this thread:




As you can see surely this isn't the way to work on this, as it would put up a lot of other problems, but I'm really curious on the way you guys use to build a scene inside unity. Maybe you use a second camera rotated that only render the 3d object?

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