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  1. It looked like the only two additional stretch goals were more outdoor wilderness areas and more companions. It was stated several times that all of the original stretch goals from the kickstarter campaign were going to be completed. I had to double check and reread what was posted to make sure I understood them correctly. So basically nothing has been taken away, just some extra last minute additions are no longer going to be pursued. Oh hey look at that, someone beat me to the punch. Yeah what that guy said...
  2. I would like to see a deity, that doesn't want to be a deity. I remember reading in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy about a character that became immortal by accident. At first they thought it was great, but then after a few millennia they became extremely bored. They decided that in order to occupy some of the time that was left they were going to insult every sentient being in the universe that ever existed. They were going to use a time machine to achieve this, and just to make it even more time consuming, they were going to do it in alphabetical order by name. So, I think it wo
  3. Life is complicated. Understatement of the [specified time unit] for sure. So imagine how complicated Life could get if previous lives and souls played an active role in determining what was happening currently. In a way that is exactly how our world works (and part of the reason it's so complicated.) The events of ancient history have shaped the present and we are actively dealing with the result of those events on a daily basis. Your genetic code is determined by your parents ancestry. And those people lived or died, or were made slaves, or fought wars, or became wealthy, or poor, and so
  4. A game is comprised of many parts. From the story (if there is one) to controls, to music, to characters, to visuals to gameplay; each of those parts has the potential to be amazing and can really carry a game in spite of other parts not being very good. Also, a game can be comprised of many fairly mediocre parts, but they work so well together, that the overall experience is greatly improved and the game itself seems great despite any short comings. A truly great game however, is when all of the parts work well together AND those parts are amazing in their own right. This doesn't happen v
  5. The game can use whatever mathematical formulas it wants to determine hit chances, damage, skill success, ect. What the game can not do however is leave me in the dark about what I should do to improve my chances, improve my damage, up my success rate. The areas in which I have control, class selection, skill usage, equipment, character position, stat allocation and item consumption, need to be explicit in their effects. If there are two swords with various stats, and I have no way of determining easily within the game without lots of trial and error which sword is better... then don't sho
  6. I thought about this topic again and decided I would have another go at it. Just a lot of random ideas about armor and how it should effect the way characters play. Well here goes... First, I really like the idea that was stated earlier about armor causing a delay for actions. The heavier the armor, the greater the delay. This is a very straight forward approach to balancing the heavier armor types. This allows for players to cater to different builds with their armors. Second, I like the idea of material composition representing the quality of an item. (Steel > Iron > Bronze ect
  7. Those first three goals seem very closely tied together and the easiest solution I could come up with off the top of my head is this: Have each class behave differently depending on what type of armor they are wearing. What do I mean by this? Well take that hide wearing barbarian for example. Let's say that when the barbarian is wearing hide armor he feels more attuned to the wilds and creatures he has slain for his own survival and gains a sort of totemic ability. So depending on the material the hide armor is constructed from the barbarian gains some bonus to his combat abilities. Wolf h
  8. I think the method this game is going to take is rather obvious given then unique soul mechanic that has been discussed in the updates. You will create any character you can imagine, any race, class, gender combo will be open. However as the game unfolds it will be revealed that you have a rather unique soul that will awaken and tie in with events and actions that make your character special beyond your average Project Eternity denizen. This soul may in fact have been thought destroyed by some powerful nasty individuals and now that they know it lives in you they will want to finish the jo
  9. I understand that the characters are probably going to be pretty small. I also understand that this game is going to be very big. Therefore I would much rather have some basic sprites that maybe differentiate each class of armor (cloth from leather, leather from pate) And, if they have time, include some sprites that reflect quality or material (Dragon scale from regular plate and leather, or really rare armor from normal non magical stuff). Beyond that, there isn't going to be a huge return on character cosmetics if they don't stand much taller than my thumbnail anyways. I am going to inf
  10. Entering and Exiting the dungeon is a non issue if the dungeon lacks any kind of respawning or randomized encounter mechanic. If a level stays empty once the players have moved through it then it poses zero challenge or difficulty to have to reenter these levels. So the real issue is not how many exits the dungeon has. But what kind of progression is required to move through the dungeon levels and how quickly the difficulty increases as the player goes through the dungeon. Personally I would prefer to see each level fleshed out with it's own unique puzzles and encounters with barriers
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