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  1. Please say one. genuine. thing. about. my. character. you. think. is. good.
  2. In the next version, the kid will fill his backpack with a couple of dried fruits, go into the forest to hunt squirrels, find a couple of cool statues, have a piqniq surrounded by deer and go home to his family to tell all about his great day. Yeah.
  3. I think I'll rewrite the whole thing. See; The Dyrwood is presented as something akin to Shadow Mulsantir. *sigh* Well, maybe there's a portal out of there somewhere.
  4. Thank you, both of you. Maybe I made the Dyrwood too dark a place.. wierd, that. I challenge someone to make a story where the mood-as-atmosphere is lighter Fireplace roleplay, something fun going on in an inn.... Lets populate this world, and in so doing make it come alive
  5. Yes! I thought it was about time to try out our creativity in -fanmade- stories, art, pictures, and the like. My english is less than perfect, by I hope it will suffice for its purpose. ---------------- Dyrwood. Anni Iroccio 583. The leaves of the Dyrwood fall twice a year – the very seasons follow the rhythm of Caoth and Bhád, life and death. In spring, the mild winds from the southern regions of the Bay of Crowns make their way up along the pearl coast, bringing a much needed warmth to the frozen inhabitants of the Forked Vale. The trees of the Dyrwood form the canopy above these
  6. Yes. I'll be wearing the mask of the rodent. Now...thank you all for...everything. I have many roleplaying rules yet to learn.
  7. Metabot: I'm sorry. I am me. I assure you. However, sometimes words fail me. . I wish for a pause in this thread. I don't know what to say anymore. And I don't know what to read. I've got so much work cut out for me. I'm dead tired. Honestly.
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