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  1. Has this been working for you in game? I haven't noticed an increase with 18 int so far. Definitely working. My tank chanter has like 15 or 16 int can't remember at the moment, and the linger is over half of the duration. So running the chant that gives will/fort saves I have almost a constant +20. I'm also not really noticing the problem with how fast chanters get their invocations. Granted I am playing on POTD, but I also wasn't having problems with on Hard either. I wonder if some of you got hit with that difficulty bug unknowingly. On POTD I have noticed however that a tank chanter just cannot soak the damage that even a super sub-optimal fighter tank can. I don't have Eder spec'd for tanking at all, but I am using him as a tank and he has soaked nearly 2x as much endurance damage as my super-duper min-maxed chanter tank. It's ok though! Thematically I love chanters and the utility they bring is insane. There's a difficulty bug? How do you know if you have it? I'm playing a chanter that's not too terribly optimized on normal, which the game describes as fairly difficult, but things just keep exploding on me and I'm having trouble building up to invocations until the very end of fights. That may come down to your armor and the like then, or just not controlling your skills well, I'm still re-learning all this myself :/ Keeping guys knocked down, getting the right armor with good stats. I've going a tank chanter that can take a fair beating, unless everything focuses on him first, then he pops like a cork.
  2. The dirty trick was originally done by inXile: Avellone was a stretch goal for Wasteland 2, too. In fact, reading this update makes me think how wasting it is to make Avellone play Arcanum instead of writing even a few lines for Tides of Numenera. Judging from what I read at Formspring(Colin McComb, Kevin D Saunders), the project itself sounds quite promising as long as I can forget about Torment name. Rather, I'm happy that it is not even intended to be a sequel since the story of the original is complete. I'll be most likely to pledge amount appropriate for my moderate expectation. After all, there are not so many RPGs being made for those who like reading. Even the best writers take breaks from time to time. In this instance it was a joke bit they did and he's sticking with it. It's not like those 'lets play' marathon bits of League I've seen that aren't actually lets plays, but just some kid/champion playing it all day to hone his/her skill.
  3. I found out about this an hour ago (45 min till the deadline) talk about cutting it close >.< Wish I'd known about it earlier, my kickstarter mail dropped the ball there. Anyway, good luck guys, cant wait to see what comes from this Some of my favorite talent and a company that's had it rather rough due to crappy publishers, cant wait to see what will come from the direct method
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