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"How would you feel if the dwarfs were completely bald and shaven?"

I'd survive.

your dwarf:





A haunted mansion story-driven dungeon. Perfect for a stretch goal in October ;)


Very side-questish and unique. It's all about telling a haunted house story.

The goal for the player party is to exorcise the restless souls (literally -- because it's Project Eternity and souls is a thing, r00fles!) from the mansions. There should be several solutions, for example: a) Solve a mystery surrounding the mansion and put the souls at ease, b) Kill everything, c) ... Burn it to the ground? There should be several different solutions, and most of them based on discoveries that you make though Skill Checks (search, dialogue, intelligence, etc.)


The closest thing already like this in a game would be the seaside hotel in Vampire the Masquerade. Relatively little combat, but a lot of story to discover.


"But how can you make it scary in isometric perspective?"

Spooky atmosphere knows no perspective. The environment could be foggy, dark, shadowy, with creaky sounds and crying violin music. There's no need for screamer-like scares. The story that is told through journals and notes etc. could be spooky in itself.


Combat is a pretty big part of Project Eternity. Like I've said, the mansion would be pretty unique in that it's mostly an "adventure game dungeon". But there should still be some combat, and encounters could be shambling undead in the cellars, invisible specters or ghost-like creatures that appear if you fail puzzles or disturb stuff, and maybe even some super-powerful undead (Lich?) locked up in the attic. They'll probably put some undead creatures in the game anyway ;)


So yeah. I just want to see some dungeons in PE that aren't all about hack n slash, and this is one of my favorite themes.

/mega-dungeon level




Or a stretch goal that isn't an in-game thing...


Behind the scenes footage of the creation of Project Eternity (digital short video sent out to all backers). A few minutes going through the creation of a monster (modeling/texturing/animation), a few minutes on environments, a few minutes on writing and dialogue, a few minutes on the creation of music, etc.

It could be turbo-amateurish. Like, it could be Adam walking around the office with a phone cam for all I care. Just some behind-the-scenes stuff :)


EDIT: LOL just read the Kickstarter update.

Never mind :D

What is your third wish? :)

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Long Hair :)

that flows in the wind of course...


Of course. :)

But, if I couldn't :( I would be very happy for some of the character portraits to have long hair


The shadow in the corner of your eye. The cold steel pressed to your throat.

The beautiful vision that may be your last.

Do not breath, for the Petite Death has your Soul in her hand.

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I think the game is quite big and complex as it is, and it will be much bigger if we get the second big city, I don't think we need more races or classes. What I would like is a translation into Italian or Portuguese. Being a native Spanish speaker as I am, I completely sympathise with them.


I agree, we want an ITALIAN translation !!!



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I would most appreciate a rather natty Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion, old boy. They were awfully good in Arcanum, don't you know. Or any other kind of awesome hat, what? Also: Tea, magitech monocles and imperialism.

`This is just the beginning, Citizens! Today we have boiled a pot who's steam shall be seen across the entire galaxy. The Tea Must Flow, and it shall! The banner of the British Space Empire will be unfurled across a thousand worlds, carried forth by the citizens of Urn, and before them the Tea shall flow like a steaming brown river of shi-*cough*- shimmering moral fibre!` - God Emperor of Didcot by Toby Frost.

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Ok look as far as races, companions and so on.....well, we have enough. I want them to really go crazy with the 3.6 mil stretch goal. Nothing too expensive for them for something truly radical and unexpected and above all mind-blowing. Something that can make us say: "I would never have thought of that but it's so awesome that I want nothing more than that. Sort of like the Cipher class was and the complete opposite of the Barbarian, Priest, Monk, Paladin and Chanter classes. Now I by no means am saying that the 3.6 stretch goal should be new classes as we've got plenty(though half are unplayable) but that we should be pleasantly surprised.


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1. origin stories for more replay value of the game

2. extensive missions with things like stealth assassinations, dodging bounty hunters that are after your head, daring escapes from prison

3. romances that are written for a female PC and not a recycled male/female/robot/duck/can-be-used-for-anything romance.


bonus goal: a giant-space-hamster-on-a-stick

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1. main story co-op guaranteed (like Baldur's Gate or NWN).


2. More work on romances and even a family element.


3. More recruitable characters - including stronghold and house characters, and quests/conversations for them beyond just one track.


4. And Morinelithe, I'd already suggested long ago that I would love to see Minsc and Boo appear, provided WOTC is willing to play ball without any hassle. I agree that a Space Hamster somewhere in there would be grand!

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2. Side character wrap-ups at the end of the game.


Add endings for interesting side characters that appear after the credits roll based on how certain quests go. If you had a quest to heal Kerfulffleupogus by feeding him Paldins, then show me how Kerfulffleupogus turns out at the end of the campaign based on my actions. Maybe as a result of feeding him Paladin’s his outlook on life improves, he meets a Mrs Kerfulffleupogus, and goes on to form a whole family of Kerfulffleupogus’s as a result. Tell me about it at the very end!


The more story wrap-ups they throw in, the more satisfying beating the game will be.

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Pets - They don't have to serve any purpose like fighting or carrying my stuff, I'd just like a pet rat that will scurry around, squeak, and I can pet and love.

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🇺🇸RFK Jr 2024🇺🇸

"Any organization created out of fear must create fear to survive." - Bill Hicks

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