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  1. I'm glad some people discussed the articles I wrote: I wasn't sure anyone would read them at all! For what it is worth, doing a quick re-read I was not as clear as I could be about the expectations for such a title. Specifically, I did not expect this hypothetical Obsidian-made Fallout to make 300 million dollars. I expected that for a six million dollar game, it would make an amount respectable and proportional to its budget - a companion to go alongside Fallout 4, not a replacement. I wish I had made that clearer in the original article, particularly when that point is so near to the be
  2. You really have come up with a very ingenuous idea. I seem to remember some of that being done in Planescape Torment, and it really added a lot.
  3. I really like this, and I think there's a lot you can do with it. The 'barks', as they call them, were never something I found particularly engaging, but you can get a lot of immersion in to the characters and their situation that way. I would love to see this player with in a really unique way like what you're suggesting.
  4. The things I'd want to see, in order. 1. Bigger music budget (more music is ALWAYS my preference) 2. 'Wild Wasteland' style option to let the game go all-out in terms of funny stuff. I actually thought Fallout: NV didn't go far enough on that. The Low Int/Cha scripts are great, and I think this could be just as good if it's something of interest to the writers. 3. Mega-Dungeon level per 50/100k. Let's get 15 levels! 4. Another companion.
  5. No sarcasm here: This is my favorite post in the whole topic. I wish this had topic had been devoted more to the points in narrative I made, but if I got this post instead, then the topic is salvaged for me.
  6. If you're asking me (I'm not sure on the way quotes are typically handled by users in this forum, I apologize if you're not), I'd be happy with that. It stops things from getting lost by dividing it by party member. The visual/textual representation would make it much easier to navigate, too.
  7. I called it inventory tetris because that's what I called it when I was a kid, swapping things around to make it fit, and moving one thing somewhere else forever and ever, not knowing it was a term for something else. So I apologize for the lack of clarity. I do not like the limited number of inventory slots, it is arbitrary and tiresome, and not being able to see what items are what without clicking or mousing over is frustrating and unintuitive. The less work inventory management is, the happier I am.
  8. I wasn't even aware that we were discussing the IE inventory systems. In your OP you specifically complained about Inventory tetris..... which would be the grid system. The IE games don't use an inventory grid. We are discussing nothing. You are arguing over a post you did not read.
  9. Which is why Fallout New Vegas was smart enough to separate things by categories. So does skyrim. And compartmentalizing doesn't fix the problem. It makes it worse, since, instead of scrolling up and down to find your item, you have to scroll up and down to find the item's category, then click on the category, then scroll up and down to find the item. Screw that. I'd rather play inventory tetris than duey decimal system librarian. The fact that it will not have a blind adherence to the Infinity Engine's inventory system has been mentioned by a developer in another topic,
  10. Which is why Fallout New Vegas was smart enough to separate things by categories.
  11. 3. We will have weight in our inventory system, and with more party members (6) we can make that number much smaller than many newer games. We aren't looking to design something that is annoying however. We'll be playing with getting a bit of a "realistic" feel for the inventory without making it super annoying. Hope this helps. Glad to hear your comment regarding the inventory. The Infinity Engine's inventory system never felt very fun to me, just... tedious. If it's well balanced to allow the tactical elements of the gameplay to shine through, doesn't frustrate the player, and doesn't re
  12. I've seen some word that there will be about 40-50 minutes of music. I would like to see the music budget increased to provide double that amount, if possible. Music is critically important in an RPG, perhaps moreso than any other genre, because it goes on so long.
  13. 1. Crafting will not be an afterthought. I can't give you a ton of details on the system yet, as it has yet to be designed. I will tell you our goal is to give you things to craft without throwing the balance out the window. My personal preference is to have crafting be a tool to help fill in the weak spots in the party's inventory and allow the player to make some powerfull stuff with enough research and work. I do feel the best gear in the game should be aquired through adventuring. We aren't making an MMO. Again, it is really early in the development process. The design for the crafting sys
  14. You could have the sprite next to the item name, and as something you can see when you click the item within the inventory. Cause I agree, those are very nice looking. I just don't think they're nice enough to be the reason you have an inventory slot.
  15. I apologize if crossposting isn't considered acceptable, but I posted this in a topic about mood in this forum. "KOTOR2's humor felt the most right to me, tonally. It never went goofy, but there was always something about it that could get you grinning and sometimes just laughing out loud, despite the fact that in all likelihood the universe was going to be consumed of every living entity and you being some sort of abomination unto the Force that could very easily be the most dangerous person in the universe. I never was a fan of things that took themselves so seriously that they forgo
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