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1. MP3 Support (for my own Orchestral sounds)

2. Characater portrait customisation (i can use pretty good Fanart)

3. Sea exploration (new island and stuff like that)

4. Flying Fortress^^




4. Modding Tool (My wish)

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Excuse me for my bad english

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For aVenger and the rest who wished to see Finishing Touches as the final stretch goal got their wish come true now! :)


As someone who've meddled quite a bit in modding I know how important time and testing are to finish off a good gaming product. It was the sensible thing for OEI to do, but perhaps not quite the fireworks ending we all had hoped for. But as much as I miss my necromancer class, I can at least rest assured that it will be a more polished and detailed gaming experience now. And with all beta testers later on, PE will become a gem, believe me!



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*** "The words of someone who feels ever more the ent among saplings when playing CRPGs" ***


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3.6 Million: We'll make the game better.


So simple.


Totally called it. I was just off by 400k..

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No traditional wizard worth his pointy hat could possibly work by the light of pure, smooth, dare one say virgin undribbled candles. It would just not look right. The ambience would be totally shattered. And when it did happen, the luckless wizard would mess about, as people do, with matchsticks and bent paperclips, to try to get nice little dribbles and channels of wax, as nature intended. However, this sort of thing never really works and invariably ends with wax all over the carpet and the wizard setting himself on fire. Candle dribbling, it has been decreed, is a job for a dribbler. – Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals.

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3987*0.9 + 140*0.07 = $3598.1k


They still have to spend some of it on goodies, maybe 500k, but not a bad budget at all for a AA game.

They said on twitter they would be making an update with the total pledge amounts.





In the end, everything went better than expected.

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