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  1. Yeah dude, that works. Hooray! I didn't think supersampling was enabled at all since I'd deliberately put the other settings at 'use application settings' rather than override. Either way, that fix works and I no longer have to disable MSAA at every level change.
  2. So did mssa 0 solve this for you too, or not? It doesn't appear to be the exact same issue as mine, and I don't want to install newer drivers because other versions newer than 13.12 give me crashes in various games when using GVR.
  3. That won't work if it uses deferred rendering; it might use forward though, I've no idea. Anyway the real problem here (besides MSAA being ****ed) is having to re-disable it every load/area change.
  4. Is there any obsidian email for technical support or do I have to just keep bumping this thread? EDIT: TEMPORARY SOLUTION (AND NOTE TO DEVS): Press tilde ~, press enter and type: msaa 0 (enter) to disable anti aliasing. This fixes the blur. So, something is ****ed with MSAA in some scenarios. MSAA 2/4/8 is all blurred. I wonder if I can force AA in CCC.. actually no, if this is using Deferred rendering that won't work... Unfortunately this doesnt seem to save between levels, so every trasition you have to enter it again. Is there a config file somewhere you can permanently edit these values?
  5. Yep. Looks like I'll be playing PoE: Diablo 1 Edition for awhile. Can't edit my original post, but I linked the wrong image for the zoomed out one. Here's what it looks like zoomed out: I also went to http://www.obsidian.net/support , which says paradox is doing support for PoE. I went to submit a ticket but it asks for a Paradox Account, which I don't have.
  6. Did one area transition and it's still blurry. Restarting game didn't fix it. Zooming in/out doesnt make it snap out of it. In fact fully zoomed out looks the worst. Is the a console command to disable post processing perhaps?
  7. Hm. That does seem similar. I'll try some area transitions and see what happens.
  8. Hey, is this how the game is suppose to look? This is fully zoomed in. The thing is; it gets worse if I zoom out! I'm running at native res (1920x1080), all I've tried to so far is to lower res and change it back to 1920x1080; no change. Is there some kind of post processing blur going on thats gone crazy? edit: This is zoomed out. Looks blurrier than the screenshots from roughly the same zoom I can see on the game's steam page. Specs: AMD 7870 (13.12 drivers) i5 2500k Win8
  9. Aww yiss. Went with steam over gog for easier updates. Could've gone gog for no steam DRM but.. eh.
  10. What I'd like is for each type (or material) to have its own pros and cons, so the choice wouldn't be simple. One piece wouldn't necessarily be better than the other, as it is with the rags -> leather > chainmail etc system. For example chainmail might offer good protection against slashing and piercing damage but do little to lessen crushing damage, while still being light (and if stuff degrades, it wouldn't last as long as other types). This way it is more interesting to match armour to your character, by considering where you want what types of protection, and what materials best fit the job.
  11. **** yeah, skeletons. What is incredibly cool about the undead having multiple stages is you could meet characters who appear normal but are actually undead. Perhaps there will be some way that lets clever people discover whom is alive. Imagine someone is murdered during a robbery, protecting their family perhaps. But, they re-animate. Not knowing how to kill this undead person, the robbers take a member of his family hostage to keep the undead person silent. Perhaps if you uncover they are undead and confront them, they'll tell you the whole story and ask for your help. If do not discover this, the quest is missed. Maybe if you come back to their shop much later on they're gone/clearly undead and if you pick up the trails of the quest; you find the kidnapped family member dead somewhere.
  12. I think you miss the point: Having this optional hurts no one. As someone else mentioned implementing this wouldn't be hard at all; it's just a global toggle—yes show xp, no hide xp. It's not like they have to manually find every instance of xp exclamation and flag it to be hidden if the option is on; that would be ridiculous. Imagine it being no different from the show/hide blood toggle that you get in so, so many games.
  13. Excellent opportunity for someone to work in The Gonne from Terry Pratchett's Men at Arms.
  14. Yeah I'm actually familiar with Tor Frick's one texture environment; it's very cool but is totally different approach than megatexturing. His environment very cleverly makes use of materials and UV's to have minimal texture usage. This is something that Sci-Fi lends itself to quite well; doing a similar thing with other styles wouldn't be as 'easy' (not that what Tor has done is easy; you have to be quite clever and plan things out). You might also find it interesting to look at some of the ue4 videos that demonstrate the material layering system it has. Instead of painting an asset and doing all the dirt/rust/grime in the one material that is assigned to that object only, you would have a rust material, a grime material, a base metal material etc etc, and then textures that mask these layers. This way you get a more consistent look, you can re-use content more often (which is more efficient in multiple ways), you have a more flexible system (easy to make changes / variations)...
  15. Obviously way too late for PE but megatextures is one solution to the thread title's question: http://amplify.pt/unity/amplify-texture/
  16. This sounds quite interesting and is an option I would like to see. A checkbox in the game options as suggested by Osvir would be good.
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