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  1. against sex pro relationship between companions (part of the plot? or maybe a nice questline with a death in the end?)
  2. i start with 35 after some changes i end up at 165. 125 Euro is the highest price i payed for a game but in the end i become 2 copys + expansion and a copy of w2. In Germany some AAA Title cost around 90 Dollar...
  3. 1. MP3 Support (for my own Orchestral sounds) 2. Characater portrait customisation (i can use pretty good Fanart) 3. Sea exploration (new island and stuff like that) 4. Flying Fortress^^ 4. Modding Tool (My wish)
  4. but why we need a castle? We had our Stronghold and a Dungeon. I canont imagine what it mean
  5. oh my fault ^^ German Keyboard... = . is next to , but its a **** second city .. know i can start working
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