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  1. I see, so google analytics can tell you that PoE is a heavily hetero-male oriented game -and- that SJW don't play it because of that. Ok, just checking. *shrug*
  2. As a core part - no, because I need memorials to be exposed for other purposes. As a module - it's already been made. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/28/ The reason I exposed the memorials is to allow people to rewrite them so they'd fit the lore, if there are any such enthusiasts. Now that it's been done, I can't just "lock" the content of one entry. As for SJW lunatics, I just don't have enough enthusiasm to make special mods just for them, they're already getting more attention than they deserve. During 524 version, the limerick was at the bottom of the screen as Sensuki said, and in that time, there was only one sjw at nexus who got mildly butthurt over it. As you can see, SJWs don't actually play PoE, cause it's a heavily hetero-male oriented game. 94,6% visitors of the iemod site are male. And how would you know this? Do you ask them for their ID and sexual preference?
  3. I think I've had enough popcorn after yesterdays drama threads *goes back to playing PoE*
  4. It seems to me that Obsidian still holds value with you or you would have let it go already...
  5. No. This would be a complete non-issue if the bigots hadn't thrown a fit. Go read the replies to the other thread. Someone actually vowed to undermine everything Obsidian ever does. The reaction is completely, hilariously, out of proportion. I have read them.
  6. Obsidian is one of the few companies left still willing to make old school RPGs, both 'SJW' and anti-SJW sides are now detracting from this goal. I hope you all realize what you're doing. EA is probably laughing their asses off. Good job.
  7. Guys, come on. You knew the deal going in when you opted for GOG. Their patching process is dog slow. You can't whine about your choice now. Not really I'd hazard a guess that more people than not were unfamiliar with differences in the patching processes between the distribution systems Is it our fault for assuming no difference and not researching it ahead of time? Sure it is There was a thread about it the day before launch asking which people would choose: GoG or Steam. Most went with Steam, largely because of the faster patching.
  8. What, you can kill the backer NPCs and loot their outfits?! Awesome! *goes on a rampage*
  9. I'm loving this game, I only read the forums after getting home from work or when I'm taking a break from hours of playing. Won't have to go back to work until wednesday, guess what I'll be doing? True, there are a few things I don't like all that much, like the rest and engagement system, but there is nothing that really aggravates me. Still didn't encounter any bugs or I just didn't notice, I don't care about stats as long as I can survive combat. Here's hoping there will be some expansions and sequels in the future.
  10. One solution would be to not use the camping supplies, pretend they're not there. I find the resting mechanic a bit tedious as it is, unlimited resting is more my thing, as right now I don't use my camping supplies in case I'll need them more later. Same with wizard spells, Aloth is pew pewing with his rod most of the time (don't go there).
  11. What I would like is the D&D 3.5 ruleset including the spells back but that's never going to happen either
  12. It depends on what effort you're willing to put in and your playstyle. Personally I think BG2 (original) is the best of the three so far, after playing that I never went back to BG1. But I haven't played all of PoE yet so this could still change. I'm a fan of the D&D ruleset though and wizards and sorcerers in BG2 are fun. I don't like them as much in PoE even though the cipher is a good alternative for the sorcerer, but that's personal preference really. Oh, and nothing beats Irenicus (BG2). To make BG2 a little more playable (the widescreen mod is a must) google for bg2 mods and there's bound to be a page saying which ones are a must have. If you really can't be bothered with that then the Enhanced Edition is an option (I don't like it because I find the NPC's they added not that great and some of the mods I like don't work with it). As a new player you may like the modern features of the EE better. BG1: low level cap, lots of wandering in the wilderness, not as epic as BG2 BG2: huge city area, nice story line, good expansion (ToB), Irenicus, high level cap, godlike spells, godawful romance for women PoE: modern game, different combat system (not D&D), can't tell if it's better than BG2 yet until I've finished it, since it's new it's more expensive but buy it anyway to support Obsidian so we can get more sequels
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