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Important Stretch Goal: Production Beard

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I would be down for growing my hair out again. I failed on Alpha Protocol (sorry Josh Sawyer) so I would be willing to make it up to him, haha. :)


A legend born, in hair so full. The one of Sir Nelson's eternity run.


(What I'm saying here is that I want Alvin to make a let's play after in all his hairy glory)

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As motivation for any of the developers considering attempting the production beard, and as entertainment for us viewing from home, I present you with a few select tracks from the Australian novelty band, The Beards.







other notable tracks include "If your dad doesn't have a beard, you've got two mums", "Bearded Nation", "No Beard, No Good", "Why having a beard is better", "A Wizard needs a Beard" and "Best Beard Out".

Edited by Jumble Murdersense

No traditional wizard worth his pointy hat could possibly work by the light of pure, smooth, dare one say virgin undribbled candles. It would just not look right. The ambience would be totally shattered. And when it did happen, the luckless wizard would mess about, as people do, with matchsticks and bent paperclips, to try to get nice little dribbles and channels of wax, as nature intended. However, this sort of thing never really works and invariably ends with wax all over the carpet and the wizard setting himself on fire. Candle dribbling, it has been decreed, is a job for a dribbler. – Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals.

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I won't demand anything, but if one of the devs is willing to do this, that's cool

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Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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