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  1. Hey... What if... your soul has been taken away from your body, and its sealed inside that stone, in a way your body and soul still comunicate, and your soul can tell you "stuff" about yourself in a more "numerical" way, rather than feelings and things, i would love a relation like when you (SPOILER) had to talk to your own brain in a DLC of FNV... i just loved that part... Just Saying
  2. Maybe Kreia from Kotor 2... She just made the netral/dark side make so much sense from a point of view...
  3. Ahm... it should be something with Eternity and Souls so... just Eternity or... Eternal Souls, Souls of Eternity, Eternity of Souls, Eternal Soul, Souls of Eternals.... On another side, the game is known so far as P:E, and is practically the "brand" now, so, asuming is X: Eternity, the X must start with P, so... Plane Eternity? P(Name of the world/kingdom):Eternity? well... its really vast...
  4. Well... if i had to choose, i would like 3 tiers of crafting, the 1st tier would be the somewhat mundane items, like your everyday day short sword and the basic stuff, the 2nd tier would be more complicated items, that require special ingredients and considerations (a special forge and rune stones to forge a hammer of fire) and would need you to have a high crafting level, the third tier should be kind of "questy" crafting, in which you get a recipe from a special npc crafter, and youll have to explore many dungeons and kill many monster to find the pieces-ingredients, and the you get a unique and awesome item from that. Sorry for the bad english.
  5. Well. This is not a "bad" idea, but considering how much it apparently costs the stonghold, and how much money-time(they already dropped a tentative release date,) they have, your own kingdom wont come in this one... though if you are refering just to pre-designed (different architecture and general design) strongholds, even if it rotated just by class like in bg 1, that would be awesome. I think they should be rotated by class, aligment, and some plot decisions, and then be upgradable if they go by pre-design, and the upgrades should come in options sometimes based on what you did (you affected the economy by a destroying the mine, the price of stone is so high that you have to choose between constructing more walls or another hall). Of course, thats only a thought, and i would choose the upgrades over(which i think theyll have in anyway, nw2 style) over the pre-designed strongholds. Sorry for the bad english.
  6. I dont think the name of the engine is that important to actually rename it, the connection as the "spiritual succesor" of the "infinity games" is that is going to be named (probably) Eternity (btw, i think we all love minimalistic names, so just eternity would be ok)
  7. A stronghold would be nice, might come as stretch goal? maybe you could have both stronghold and house, or something like "captain quarters" inside the stronghold that would be like a house.
  8. You are going off-topic, but btw, i dont understand the joke, can someone enlight me?
  9. well, here are my guesses, X.XX.TX is X.XX.20X, if the last one is years, and the middle is month, then X.1X.20X, because there is no "0" in alphabet, so, i would say that at november/december the game will be fully announced, also, if the X at the beggining its not the day but the month, is probably a 9, maybe this friday, they will announce it. But, it could also be eternity, the name of project/game, assuming that the . at the beggining is not meaningless and the other ones are not just for separating the numbers
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