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  1. For informational purposes, this is identical to the bug that was appearing back in May, outlined at this link: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87355-quest-mode-victory-screen-still-sends-cards-above-screen/
  2. This really annoying and game breaking bug is back. At the end of quest mode, with four characters, a card reward flies off screen when I click on the card, and I cannot continue... Working w lini, lem, ezren and valleros, all different levels.. Can't select anyone else before ezrens card disappears...
  3. So, even after upgrading to the latest patch, the quest mode victory screen is still launching Valeros' card above the viewable area, where it remains mostly invisible and completely unselectable. Game breaking. Cannot forfeit the quest, cannot start a new quest. I can close the app, but when I click on "Quest" in the menu, I'm taken right back to the victory screen and the whole thing starts again. I've tried selecting someone else before Valeros. Still breaks. I've tried selecting different rewards for the character that selects a card before Valeros. Still Breaks.
  4. Having the same problem in Quest mode. Looking through this thread, it seems that it occurs most often (only?) when you have varying character levels in the same party. In my case, I had Lvl 9 Valeros Lvl 8 Lini Lvl 8 Lem Lvl 1 Ezren. Ezren got his reward first, and no problems. Lini and Lem didn't level, so no worries there. Valeros leveled last, and the moment his card comes up, it jumps above the viewable area, and remains mostly invisible and completely unselectable. Game breaking. Cannot forfeit the quest, cannot start a new quest. I can close the
  5. I've got this problem as well. I'm on level three of the Endless Paths, but only the first level is filled in on the map. Also, sometimes the cellar door reverts to the original behavior, where I can't actually use it to get into the dungeons, but only to see that it is rusted. I have to go into level one, up the ladder and out the cellar door to get it to reset.
  6. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere and to the Obsidian team, but I think it would be grand to have the Stronghold and Endless Paths intertwined. For example, perhaps the Endless Paths were something the ancients wanted to control. This could be because the Paths were originally an arcane mine, or had access to resources or magic found nowhere else. The Stronghold was built overtop the entrance to the Paths, on the surface, to control and restrict access. In Project Eternity, then, the two would be linked. In order to take hold of the Stronghold, you would have to clear the first few lev
  7. I wouldn't mind at all if the Stronghold and the Endless Paths were somehow connected. IE, The Stronghold sits atop the Endless Paths. In order to take hold of the Stronghold, you must clear the first few levels of the endless paths. Then, as you improve the Stronghold, you find that more and more wicked creatures are finding their way into your fortress. You move deeper into the Paths and defeat them. As you improve your fortress, you can research ways to open sealed passages in the Paths and ways to unlock previously locked doors. The final level in the Paths opens up the ulti
  8. Re Publicity to bring in more pledges: Does anyone have pull with Krahulik or Holkins of Penny Arcade? If a mention of Project Eternity made it onto their front page, we would see a good bump in $$.
  9. So a crossbow bolt would be too slow to break the veil? Because I imagine it would be a lot cheaper and reliable to use. If the Internet is to be believed (and hey, has it steered any of us astray before? ) a crossbow bolt moves at around 300 feet per second, not shabby at all. Early muskets, arquebuses, matchlocks, you are talking 1400 feet per second, or about 5 times faster. Yowza. I'd say that's enough of a difference to make this Arcane veil effective against crossbows but less so against bullets. /pure speculation over.
  10. Obsidian has a great opportunity to break new ground. I would even have preferred the map not show European flavored names. Strike out for new territory. Base the mythos not on European lore that we've plumbed the depths of, but Aztec, or Persian, or Abyssian, or something else entirely.
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