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Developer Diary 4

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It's pretty dry. It has no new info and little in the way of new footage. Though there's one wicked takeout move we haven't seen yet. It's at about 1:15 in. It hurts just seeing it. ;(

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Travis Stout +1.


Abia Roberts = Mr T


So much diversity.


<3 Obsidian


On serious note, I really like the diverse art design direction style after we're give so much Snow from E3, the varied new stealth kill animations. Not much info. that are new but its always good to see new developers' faces in interviews giving their own thoughts of their game.

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Graphics have really taken a jump forward since some of the earlier releases.


Keep it up, obsid.


The only graphical issue that bugged me at all was some of the lipsyncing.

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I don't know which version to pre-order, 360 or PC...


Depends on whether you have a decent PC or not. The 360 version will probably be 720p, so if you have a monitor with a resolution higher than 1280x720 and a decent video card it'll be prettier on the PC. Also, you can you the 360 controller with the PC if you really want to...

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A while back, it was written on Obsidian's twitter that they are trying to decide on a music that represents one of the boss character in the game.


I thought Michael Jackson would be cool though, in consideration that Sega and Michael Jackson had working partnership in the past(Space Channel 5, Moonwalker arcade and console).

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I didn't know a younger Robert Downey Jr. was working on this game.

Aaron's been getting that since before I started working with him at Black Isle. There are worse people to look like than Iron Man.

Great, now I can only imagine him flying to work in his armor and blowing up half the parking lot every morning. :lol:

All the while looking really cool, naturally.

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