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We need a Star Trek RPG


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9 hours ago, melkathi said:


Can Paradox make every single Star Trek species into a separate DLC and charge for it?

See, it fits their business model perfectly!



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3 minutes ago, Keyrock said:

See, it fits their business model perfectly!

Unlimited potential almost. Imagine selling TOS era Klingons, TNG era Klingons, the Blingons from Kelvin and the Klingorks from Discovery as seperate cosmetic DLCs. Of course you'd need to buy the Klingon DLC first. Or... seperate Vulcan and Romulan cosmetic DLCs. They even look the same, so you'd just need to design different clothes.

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23 hours ago, melkathi said:

Isn't there a rule of acquisition against saying how much something would be worth to you?

When no appropriate rule applies, make one up.

1 hour ago, melkathi said:

Paradox are run by Ferengi...

Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack.

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have never played star trek: on line, but we have played too many bad star trek games. we kinda liked star trek: starfleet command, but in our experience that title is more notable as an exception than rule for decent star trek pc games, and am recognizing many folks didn't like starfleet command near as much as we did. whatever else, we don't need another bad or forgettable star trek game. has been too many less than stellar star trek titles... which is unfair to the star trek fans who deserve better.

+90% o' the time we would prefer a new ip as 'posed to a title which might require a license. am typical more interested in the developer o' a game than the setting or the license o' a new title anyways. that said, is a few unique novels, movies, tv shows, old crpgs and pnp rules systems which we s'pose is deserving o' consideration as inspiration for development o' a new crpg, but our list o' such is gonna be most frequent populated by obscure properties in large part precise 'cause they is obscure. fans is, all too often, annoying baggage which adheres to a license. developer/publisher need meet the unreasonable, fluid and elusive fan expectations. unnecessary burden on a developer.

regardless, we would be okie dokie with a good star trek rpg.

HA! Good Fun!

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17 hours ago, Gromnir said:

am recognizing many folks didn't like starfleet command near as much as we did.

Yeah, but honestly, those people don't matter.

Seriously though, SFC was not "pure" Trek either, as I recall. It was based on the Starfleet Battles tabletop which included a lot of non-canon stuff. And part of what made it so good was the adapted SFB ruleset, which they mostly ditched for SFC3. The move killed the franchise, to the consternation of the "annoying baggage" as you put it who had warned Taldren about it.

I think a potential problem when considering whether to make a Trek game is that with the push to make the IP more mainstream, people would immediately imagine something the size and production values of Mass Effect. Whereas I'd be perfectly happy with a Unity game comparable in scope to Dragonfall.

Also the last Trek game was that VR gimmick published by Ubisoft. It's a safe bet that it didn't sell much because of the peripheral requirements. So even if it wasn't necessarily the game's quality or the IP themselves that brought poor sales, I would expect that said sales are considered by publishers thinking about licensing the IP.

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