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SW game centered on Bastila?

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Thought you might like some more pictures of Bastila :p


When ever I look at the pic to the right I just want to tell Bastila to RUN! o:) Kreia just looks like she is going to kill her and it looks like she is snooping on her :). I Don't know sometimes I get the feeling that Kreia dosen't like Revan and all, or is jealous of Bastila, or has something to do with why Revan left and we just don't know or I just think to much. It just looks weird with Kreia behind Bastila and all because we know Bastila never shows up with Kreia around. freaky site.

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Am I the only one who found Bastilla mildly annoying? She struck me as haughty and arrogant, and her battle cry is silly as hell.


Juhani had a pretty annoying battle cry as well but hey who cares. If a fan posts a thread about making a game centered around Bastilla just what you think are going to be the responses it's academic.

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But if you play as Bastila... it just means no romance with her...


Basila can romance herself, oh yeah.

>_<:blink::blink::blink::ermm: :ph34r:



I think that about covers it.

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Usually those who hate Bastila really like Carth...

Carth, the one you love to hate. Whines like a little girl.


There are a lot of Bastila fanboys and fangirls out there. Must be that accent of hers.

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