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  1. yes,i do seem to recall the ebon hawk falling into a green misty abyss....
  2. the final video is called something like 'taking the dark throne' if ur DS,but were is the dark throne!!?? kreia dies,it zooms out and shows malachor and then the galaxy and then the credits.it doesnt show wat happens to ur character
  3. wow.i just logged in to ask exactly the same question!!!!!!!!i have also just finished K2 as DS,and the ending had a resonating 'oh,that it?'factor.
  4. so how would u actually possibly reach 50!
  5. just a couple of questions about levels in kotor2, is there a level cap?and if not,how many levels would i get by just playing through the game and all the sidequests?
  6. wat is the most powerful class combination for LS and DS?\no that they are all made equal,but everyone has their opinion on which is most poweful overall,and i was interested ot see other peoples points of view.personally i think a LS weapon master with dual lightsabers and buffing FP's.once u are high level absolutely nothing can stand against you and force immunity stops most force powers.wat do u guys think?
  7. that is aweful kind of yu bt im a cheap skate an i was wondering if any1 knew a good web guide cos i always feel better playing the most powerful character possible for my respective class. so ye in conclusion i dont need any specific information just general tips or even better a specific guide for building a marauder character. thanx an sry if i was a bit unspecific
  8. grrrrrrrrrrr,i cant find 1 anywere!can anyone plez direct me to a good sith marauder strategy guide? thanx
  9. sumins wrong!i used canderous an zalbar both teched up wif swords an scythed my way through the game!
  10. hum thanx for all the replys!i like the gray jedi philosophy but i think for me the sacrifice of power is to painful since i usually like to build the most powerful characters possible.but on the subject of gray jedi i think that it is a rely interesting idea. ps,i never said there was a gray side,i was simply refering to jedi who dont follow a particular path and pretty much have their own agenda
  11. well alot of ppl hav mentioned Revan,bt that isnt possible cos every player has their own version of revan from playing K1.
  12. ok,ive noticed a few ppl tlkin bout gray characters alot,an i kinda want to play 1.bt ive got a few questions... a.can a gray character be as powerful as a dedicated sith or jedi b.ano gray charcters cant get a prestigue class bt how much lightside would i hav to be to get the weaponmaster class,an then get bak to gray with some naughtyness.... thanx in advance o wise ones....
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