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  1. what are they thinking dont they know that people have more xbox consoles than working pcs! I might not be able to play it if they do that!
  2. Im Dieing to see KotOR with a passion and just imagine how amazing it would be especially if it was made by bioware!!! TRUST ME! IF you have seen there latest game you would understand how i feel after playing MASS EFFECT!!! The way they let you design your characters is just priceless and man the graphics would be to much for ones eyes to handle! Awww yeah!!! And they would be even better since kotor3 would come out a lot later than mass effect. drool drool...and the story line and character choices and action scense are to irresitable!!!!!...................Anyways you know what i mean the game has no choice but to be better. lol
  3. lol THATS SO TRUE!!!! I admit that was the most memorable part in the game! lol! I give Bastila a 10+++ for coolest character EVER! but i cant say hotness cause im not Lesbian(i never said i have anything against them either!) But she is pretty lol since people are doing pics i thought i should share my favorite
  4. i enjoy going to the dark side a lot more in kotor 1 than in kotor 2 cause you have more of a reason to do it
  5. I have never had a notebook before so im not sure whats what but i was wondering is the hp pavilion 1305 good for video gaming at all besides its size. Thanks!
  6. Ok i know the game was not finished but DANG! what was up with goto at the end of K2. you see him kill the little orb guy and everything when your on either LS or DS side then he makes a weird statement about the bombs being detinated and thats all that happens with him and he was saying i wont let it happen and crap. I tried donig both sides and everything to try and figure out what is with him and nothing different happens. He is so lame. can anyone tell me what happens with that punk if there is anything. It was just very slow and makes me not want to play the game AGAIN.
  8. I disagree. The motivation behind these holidays was not to celebrate the birth or crucification of Jesus, but to get more followers. The motivation behind a celebration gives the meaning for such events. that is sooo not true
  9. Im pretty young actually very young. Well not to young lol and me and my family highly believe in this.
  10. Id rule in my own little way. Id change up quite a few things too. Some of there rules just have to go down like aprintice kills the master. I would be like YEAH RIGHT! You can just forget it. I would be cool with my aprintice and i would teach them how to rule and make everything theirs and show them how they can pass it on when im dead from old age. Id let my aprientice have the upper hand sometimes to so i could have an off days of ruling and we would just work together. I know yall probably thinking then whats the point of being a sith then but there is you just have to try to make it sithy. Also i would redesign the sith empire. Dress it up a little bit. They need a little bit more class. And if i were sidious i would have done something with that face. Yeah yeah im the sith in style. Sorry that i had to show my girly girl ways but you asked. I think revan had a liitle bit of class sorta her sith lord ensemble wasnt that bad. Better than the light side clothes.
  11. Yeah Christmas is very religious to me actually its very very important to me. I think that some people just dont see it as a religious holiday because they just were not raised in an area of people that see it that way. You do things according to your culture and beliefs ya know. Just like it is Sweden you call Santa Jul. Well a religious person would mainly not have a santa clause at all cause when i was growing up i didnt believe in Santa at all i always looked at Christmas as the day Jesus was born. Its important cause that was when my savior was born. When i receive presents i never had thanked santa ever in my life cause i always thanked God that my parents had the money to afford things that i wanted. People that barley have money teach their kids about santa after they just got done working until 12:00 in the morning trying to please their kids. Im sorry if you think thats wrong or im ruining my future kids child hood but even if i was rich i still wouldnt think to teach my kids about santa after i worked my butt off. They better thank me! Anyways what im really trying to tell you is that theres a reason for the season and that is to praise God. There is more to it but you have to figure out for yourself unless you ask me. Im really not the type that starts up conversations like this unless its discussed and it is. Sorry if you took this the wrong way i didnt mean to but if you ask you are going to get an answer. By the way who in the world thinks about December in this HEAT! I dont want the HOTNESS AND I DONT WANT THE COLDNESS.It feels like a hot mess down here and can think about air conditioning is water cause this girl dont like to sweat. LOL!
  12. so do you have any other suggestions. I have a PCI and im for sure and i went on the Gateway web site and everyhting i I tried to download it said you already have this do you want to rewrite and i thought there is no point of rewriting and its not going to make a difference if i do so i didn't.
  13. Well it turns out that I have all the newest stuff cause my computer said i have everything so i was just wondering would it be best if I just formated my computer? I also cleaned the drivers and didn't do much thanks
  14. how exactly could i reinstall the drivers
  15. well I have a PCI memory card i think. Cause i have never heard of any other than that and ATI and i know i dont' have ATI. Yeah i have a PCI i hope.
  16. well i also decided to install some other games of mine and they didn't work either so i finally decided to just come here. games like: battle front 2 which "was" also working perfectly, and Battlefield 1942 just randomly doesn't work either. Yeah its pretty random and weird that none of my games all the sudden don't work. But last time i tried those games was before we formated the computer now months later after the format i decided to install the games so maybe something possibly happened in that time period that making the game stop working. But what could possibly go wrong with a graphics card when time goes by....... Also what is a GPU draw. thanks
  17. when i pressed play the screen goes black and then it says swkotor has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. then at the bottom it shows send info or end now
  18. it didn't look that bad but i am satisfied when it comes to anything except K2 :'(
  19. My Kotor game finally doesn't want to work. I have tried everything to help i think. At first a long time ago it didn't work when i first had it but it finally kicked and worked nice with great graphics and everything 2yrs later it just doesn't work and don't know what to do. One problem is the openGL but i don't know what to do about that if it was working Please help thanks swinfo.txt
  21. She is a woman you just got to know how to do it right. LOL that sounds so wrong in a way. No Im Not A Les! Im just a girl with a strange sense of humor.
  22. JKA was fun but to compare it with KotOR is just crazy! KotOR is 100 times better than JA will ever be. If you really feel that JA is better maybe you should play KotOR again until you understand the meaning of a good game. KotOR shall reign forever
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