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TSL Restoration Project: The Phantom Deadline

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I know it's still a loooong ways away, but could you give a ballpark figure for how big you expect things to be, filesize wise?


I'm definitely not looking for accuracy, you can go +/- 50 MB if you want :p


Naturally, this is only if you feel you actually could give an estimate. If it's too hard, maybe a greater than 'x' MB or something?



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Check out the restoration site. There is a new screenshot up.


Some young forgotten Jedi who has been scrounging out an existence in the enclave's lower levels after Malak's attack?


Maybe disillusioned by the Jedi enclave so easily destroyed.


Looks Good! :p

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Actually, it is the char. of the casting call (Kaevee)


And who was actually chosen to do the Casting Call (refresh my memory please)?


That something that i would like to know aswell. Will kaevee have a deep, chainsmoking voice? teenage cheerleader? or even a supersexy scottish accent? :huh:

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