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  1. I actually find the whole reaction to the leak amusing. It's almost like a battle in some ancient war where I get to put down a blanket on an adjacent hilltop pull out a sandwich and watch the carnage unfold I suspect there will be many complaints about 1.0b9 Not the least of which will be "why can't I update to the next version?" We actually explicitly tell the build scripts to build the updates from each version to another; updates from 1.0b9 to anything literally won't exist.
  2. Who said all content was restored? (Watch it be me ) I would agree that a crunch period would be great but our available time is dictated by real life.
  3. Really the leak has nothing to do with it (though I also recognize that some people won't believe me no matter what I say about that ). We just have time of late.
  4. If we had chosen from the start to do so it would have to have been a two stage development: fix existing bugs and restore content (+ fix bugs we created). We did actually briefly consider that possibility but decided we might as well just do it all in one go because it was less of a headache.
  5. Already have technically - issue id 1000 is in the system already. A few issues have been outright deleted for one reason or another.
  6. Come on guys! We can make it! To 1000? i say it again dosn't it suck that this game was released in such poor shape i mean 1000! that is rediculous I would venture that 2/3 of those are caused directly or indirectly by us.
  7. Beta Software development generally uses a (alpha aka pre-release) and b (beta) (and occasionally c (gamma), though that's rather rare) in versioning.
  8. The engine tends to just start doing wacky things after playing for a couple hours. It fails to fire triggers and dialogs skip all non-player replies among other things.
  9. There is no requirement for number of playthroughs per build. They play however times they like. Updates come weekly. We release when we feel we're ready. At this point it really is that simple.
  10. I'm confused. Who said Handmaiden/Visas wasn't in? Because it is. There was a bug that was preventing from triggering. But that's the extent of it. You're not getting it until 1.0c1. I would guess that most of that content will be in by that point. I believe the only thing we've said is "we'd prefer to not have to patch it." You don't implement a patch system wanting to use it It's three years btw.
  11. Just an FYI: 0.9b1 will be the only build in the 0.9 family. 1.0b1 may take a few weeks but it will be the next build. The invite-only beta will begin upon its release.
  12. Yeah that's intentional. The problem with having him leave is that it's impossible to verify that the player cleared the side he chooses to run off through of enemies (or at least not without more pain than we're willing to deal with in TSLRP.)
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