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  1. Can you actually ? If not, does the whole swoop quest ( ) get you any Dark Side points? Because, you know, I'm going totally Light, and the whole idea seems mildly evil .
  2. O.K., I know that some (actually a lot of) your party members . I have actually already . I do not wish to know the details on how to do so for any other characters, but I'd like to know whether successfully has an impact on the story. For example, are the any negative consequences for ? I'm asking because ...
  3. Hmmm... I guess that makes sense. I will ignore that an continue playing then. Thanks a lot for the replies. I hope next time my bug sense tingles it does have a reason to do so.
  4. Yes, it is my first game. The thing is, normally, in the game, when a character says he or she is leaving, they actually do leave, usually running away so that you cannot reach him or her again unless you go where they say they are going. I have checked guides, walkthroughs and the like, and they say that he should after the conversation with him. I would certainly expect him to run away after he says he is leaving. If the right thing to happen is he staying until you yourself and find him there (in which case I would be making a fool out of myself), then could somebody just confirm it so that I can stop being utterly paranoid and continue playing?
  5. Hi there. I'd just like to know if what does seem, look and smell like a bug is actually potentially destructive or not before I continue my game. I'm just off from , after suffering (and thankfully bypassing) the awful "don't-you-dare-put-down-your-weapons-without-a-fight-or-you'll-face-the-wrath-of-the-powerful-bug" bug, and the first planet I travelled to was . Everything seemed to be running smooth enough, until I (I'm playing as male by the way). After the not-so-interesting conversation, he says he's going to , but just stays there, and nothing seems to happen. If I try and talk to him again, the conversation starts over (bow included). Is that normal? May I just ignore him and explore the room, or is my game already ruined? If it is not normal (and thus the game has become unplayable, is there a way to bypass it just like the bug mentioned above, or fix it in any other way whatsoever? I'm desperate, and I'm totally hooked to the game, so I need to know as soon as possible wether it is safe to continue playing or not. Thanks in advance.
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