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What You Hate Most About Darth Malak

What you hated most about darth malak  

147 members have voted

  1. 1. What you hated most about darth malak

    • The fact that he is like 8 ft tall
    • The blue war paint on his head
    • The respirator on his jaw
    • The orange spandex
    • Other
    • Malak is cool what are you talking about
    • F-U i Love Malak

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Hey just kinda bored so putting a poll out there.


By the way what is with the repirator on his jaw did he loose is mouth in a battle or something.

My theory was always that Revan chopped it off when it was decided who was the master. But yes, Malak lost his lower jaw. I believe there is a scene where you see him without his jaw.


As for why I can't stand Malak. He's a coward. First, he stabs Revan in the back by attacking his ship while Revan was prepared to take on four Jedi at once. Then when Revan reaches the Star Forge, he sends everything available at Revan, then he sends Bastila, then he sends more droids, then surrounds himself with dead Jedi before fighting Revan.


And he still couldn't win. :lol:

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I hate his voice, and his arrogance, and the fact that I can beat the hell out of him on the... Laviathon I think it is... anyhow I can beat the hell out of him there with very little trouble and then when I got to him on the Star Forge he is a lot harder. Pisses me off. :angry:

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Thought he was awesome except for his orange spandex, I think the black and silver armor reskin of him is the best.

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What if I wanted to kill the other bounty hunters but still have the Twi'leks chase me?

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Malak behaved as any Sith/DS Jedi do when they see an opportunity for power and the time is right: They take it. Only think I dislike about him is that I didn't get an invitation to witness the defilement of Bastila or the chance to do it myself.

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Malak was a decent vilain, and he was a chalenging oponent in the final battle. His personality cold have been better, but at least he has one, unlike Nihilius.


Still his ogange battle suit and half cloak are dumb looking.

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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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Destroying telos was a bit rash and impulsive and a little stupid, but it still shows him as a leader with resolution and strength, which is kinda needed since he failed to capture his prey.


Who needs food when you can feed on the force of a LS Jedi? Gotta love that sucky feeling when you drain them, yummi...


And how many bananas did you actually eat in KOTOR? That's right... and pray there will never be an actual need to eat, sleep or **** in KOTOR!


edit: just one, but many...

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Malak was a great villain.  Sure, he was a dumb brute that was a lousy strategist, but he does deserve some points for being the of the most ruthless bastards of the entire time.  Who else would condemn an entire planet just to stop one person from escaping?


The Imperials in the Original Trilogy, and they were doing it to a core-world planet just to mess with Leia and the Rebels and Darth Nihilus was going to do it to the Galaxy if he could.

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The way he said 'Bastyula' instead of 'Bastilla'. The fact that he chose Darth Bandon as his apprentice. The fact that he terrorises his bridge crew and allows Bandon to slaughter them randomly - not likely to improve staff performance. I could go on and on.

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