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  1. Venus would make for an excellent planet for 3/4 of the population. You mean Mars? As I remember, Venus would be a lousy spot compared to other planets and moons for habitation.
  2. Skynet


    I'll agree blaming a murder solely on a video game is silly, especially when there are other violent medias like TV and movies, but it can help to make situations worse when the person is already suffering from drugs, social issues, or whatever.
  3. Skynet


    Violent games can have a negative impact on people, particularly early-teen gamers, but the solution should be to make it harder for kids to attain mature games, not ban them outright.
  4. Well, Durant could go before Oden, you know. I'm curious about how quickly the Chinese kid (forgot his name) is going to be picked up, and who'll get him. Oh, and it looks like it will be Spurs vs. Cavs in the Finals. Sweet.
  5. I'd say Oden goes first, then Durant, but beyond that I don't know. For now, I'm just going to watch my Spurs smash whoever wins in the east.
  6. I meant relative to the rest of the world, since what we consider poor is actually pretty good in other parts of the world. Sorry for any confusion. Other than that misunderstanding, I don't see any other 'bold assumptions'.
  7. What an arrogant and foolish statement. You depend on other people every day of your life and you don't even realize it. Every time you get a drink of water or a bite to eat, you don't have to worry about if it's contaminated because others in your society provide for you. Every time you go to sleep you can do so peacefully because the government is always fighting crime. You are educated because others have worked to make you so. You are well off financially because others strive to grant every worker minimum wages and other benefits. You can make thousands of ignorant rants on the internet without fear of retaliation because others are always fighting to protect our freedom of speech. Without them, you are nothing. People living in third world countries don't have all the advantages you do. They have to work much harder than you, and often can barely make it day to day. Who are you to deny them the same priveleges you get every day? As the most prosperous nation in the world, we've taken up the role of looking out for others. Yes, sometimes we really do screw up (Iraq could have gone a lot better), but overall we've done a lot more good than harm. You really don't seem to have any real idea how our active role in the world influences others, and what consequences isolationism would bring.
  8. Small guns and energy weapons are by far the best combat skills. Unarmed, melee, and (to a degree) big guns are merely interesting alternatives. You have chosen the hard path, but don't worry. Just be sure to get the best armor and the perk that gives you extra HP (is it Lifegiver?). Also, be sure to recruit the best buddies, namely Sulik, Cassidy, and Marcus.
  9. So are people angry just because it's chocolate, or because they think it's designed to ridicule their beliefs (not sure if it actually is or not)? Although I agree with Eldar's view of handling stuff like death threats, the majority of inappropriate Christian protesting is not serious enough to go to court and cannot be dealt with in that way. I would also extend the solution to encouraging and supporting positive forms of protest. Sunday sermons and classes usually focus on ways to implement biblical values into people's lives, so why not spend a couple weeks on healthy ways to express political and religious viewpoints? After all, the biggest complaint about Christianity generally is their treatment of those who disagree. You know, spouting hatred all the time doesn't make you appear more righteous, tough, or intelligent. It just makes you look like the very people you despise. Edit: What does QTF mean? I'm not very good at internet slang.
  10. You say you are obligated only to yourself, yet you support an economic system in which the strong are forced to carry the weak. Interesting.
  11. Wasn't Kivan in one of those forest areas post-Underdark that are all pointless and basically empty?
  12. Skynet


    If they want to make a movie about Thermopylae, I'd prefer that they would focus more on real history than a comic book. However, if the comic's influences are primarily artistic ones and don't intrude on what actually happened, this could give 300 a unique feel that seperates it from other recent Greek movies like Troy. Can anyone who has read the comic tell us a little more about it?
  13. Does quoting you count?
  14. The national championship is about picking the two most deserving teams. It doesn't matter if it's a rematch. Personally, I see Florida as the best team to face Ohio in the championship. Their schedule is way harder than Michigan's.
  15. 54 years is the maximum sentence, which I doubt he'd serve. I don't know much about hacking, but the below suggests he did some significant damage, so I wouldn't say he just pushed a few buttons. "As a result of the intrusion and loss of data, which went on for about two years, NASA reportedly suffered $1.36 million in losses. The DoE and the Navy together reported a loss of near $100,000."
  16. Wow. I've never seen anyone fight so hard to see underwear in a game.
  17. I hadn't even heard of Paradox until a few months ago, but now I'm hooked. I've already played EU2 to death and am now playing as Japan in Doomsday. How would you compare Victoria to their other products? It does add a strategic element, but a very unrealistic one.
  18. Well, atleast I'm being called overdefensive rather than a bigot. @ Di- I know there is a balance between caution and just living, and I know I exaggerated the former in my post considerably. I was just trying to get the point across. Also, I was specifically sticking with the campout situation since that is where this mess started. I over exaggerated; I know. Although, by age 25, they should have enough sense that they can look out for themselves.
  19. I realize we can't always live in fear. I'm not as terrified of something happening as you may think; it just seems that way since my last few posts have been all about that topic. Also, I'm not saying a gay guy should never be with boys, and a straight guy should never be with girls. I'm just emphasizing the fact that it's a good idea to send others along and be sure they're responsible.
  20. Di, I know you are frustrated by some of the things said in this thread, and I respect your patience and self-control. Thanks. I doubt it will change anything as far as if you think I'm a bigot or not, but I'd like to clarify my point about gay men and the BSA. For young elementary aged children, I don't see homosexuals as any more dangerous than heterosexuals. There are some rotten apples out there, sure, but that is the case with both sides of the fence. It's when they get a bit older that things get a little different. Boy scouts range in age from 12 to 17, right in their teenage years. During this time their physical features change to reflect those of a grown adult, they become aware of their sexual desires, and are in turn desired. Those who go after kids in this age range, both girls and boys, have a different mindset than those who abuse eight-year-olds. Though there are probably still pedophiliac tendencies, they are more attracted to the adult features. Sometimes they even target them not because of pedophiliac urges, but because they know they are naive and can be taken advantage of. At this age, the gender is a more dominant drive than pedophiliac tendencies. This is why I feel people should think twice before sending a homosexual man out with boys on a boy scout campout. This is why I feel people should think twice before sending a heterosexual man out with girls on a girl scout campout. My feelings are the exact same on both of these situations. Not an ounce of difference. Of course, many of you will ignore the fact that I am simply trying to balance concern with fair judgment, that I have treated those of both sexual preferences equally in my assumptions. You will ignore the fact that there has been no aggression in my posts, that I have never said anything remotely close to calling homosexuals mutants or less than human. But hey, I tried.
  21. An interesting point Tigranes. If my child seems to be spending quite a lot of time with a teacher of the opposite sex when I know its not an activity in which a large number of students or other adults are present (a play, sports game, etc.), I will feel that concern. Suspicious stuff happened at my high school, so I know those kinds of things are a reality. To those who mentioned it, I realize that being gay does not automatically make oneself a pedophile. However, if an authoritative figure possesses influence over a group of individuals who are of the sex he or she is attracted to, restrictions and safeguards need to be made, no matter the age of the individuals. Expressing concern about a gay man being with young boys does not make me a bigot. I would be just as concerned if a heterosexual man was with young girls, as I mentioned in my last post when speaking about fathers and girl scouts.
  22. According to the article, this patch isn't an official nation-wide merit badge that can help a scout earn a new rank, but instead a generic Los Angeles based award. There are tons of these kinds of things since lots of organizations like to make them and the requirements to make them 'official' scout patches are fairly easy. So this really isn't a big deal (although it is very funny). I'll probably be called a gay hater and yelled out of this forum for saying this, but I can't blame the Boy Scouts for dismissing (not technically firing, since they're volunteers) gay scoutmasters. If I was a parent, I would feel uncomfortable entrusting my son to an openly gay man who spends lots of time with young boys, and I know I'm not alone with that feeling of concern. They have that restriction for the same reason why there are similar restrictions on fathers of Girl Scouts; they're just looking out for the kids. And as for the religious aspect of the BSA, that really differs from troop to troop. Some really do take a strong anti-atheism stance (as Sand is trying to emphasize), but the majority seem to be apathetic toward it, as the two troops I was in did.
  23. Yes, those parents should be laughed out of the courts, but that doesn't change the fact that cases like these win all the time. How things were when you were a kid is irrelevent. No. Its the actions of stupid parents trying to sue the school that encourage what you said, not the schools' preventive measures. If you're refering to always being afraid of being sued, then I suppose this is the point where we'll never agree. I can't remember if you're American or not, but in this country, liability is a very big thing. Every time one is in charge of anything that includes any number of children, there is always a weight on that person's shoulder, because if one of those kids gets hurt, you're at risk. For a school that has to watch over a thousand kids five times a week, that is a huge burden. Arguing that giving up physical activity for safety is not the best decision is fine, but calling it cowardly is a bit too much for me. We don't have to deal with liability issues daily like a school does. According to the article, the rule only bans unsupervised games, but I have a feeling most teachers won't bother to go outside and let them play.
  24. Many of you seem to have overlooked this tidbit. I think many of the employees at the school would agree that the rule is stupid; they're just afraid of getting sued. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then we're raising our children to be scared as well as soft. Nice. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 'Cautious' is probably a more accurate term than 'scared'. Edit: Despite my arguments, I'm still against the decision. I just wonder how wrong it is for the school system to try to protect themselves from stupid parents. Hm, I never saw that episode.
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