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  1. Venus would make for an excellent planet for 3/4 of the population. You mean Mars? As I remember, Venus would be a lousy spot compared to other planets and moons for habitation.
  2. Skynet


    I'll agree blaming a murder solely on a video game is silly, especially when there are other violent medias like TV and movies, but it can help to make situations worse when the person is already suffering from drugs, social issues, or whatever.
  3. Skynet


    Violent games can have a negative impact on people, particularly early-teen gamers, but the solution should be to make it harder for kids to attain mature games, not ban them outright.
  4. Well, Durant could go before Oden, you know. I'm curious about how quickly the Chinese kid (forgot his name) is going to be picked up, and who'll get him. Oh, and it looks like it will be Spurs vs. Cavs in the Finals. Sweet.
  5. I'd say Oden goes first, then Durant, but beyond that I don't know. For now, I'm just going to watch my Spurs smash whoever wins in the east.
  6. I meant relative to the rest of the world, since what we consider poor is actually pretty good in other parts of the world. Sorry for any confusion. Other than that misunderstanding, I don't see any other 'bold assumptions'.
  7. What an arrogant and foolish statement. You depend on other people every day of your life and you don't even realize it. Every time you get a drink of water or a bite to eat, you don't have to worry about if it's contaminated because others in your society provide for you. Every time you go to sleep you can do so peacefully because the government is always fighting crime. You are educated because others have worked to make you so. You are well off financially because others strive to grant every worker minimum wages and other benefits. You can make thousands of ignorant rants on the internet without fear of retaliation because others are always fighting to protect our freedom of speech. Without them, you are nothing. People living in third world countries don't have all the advantages you do. They have to work much harder than you, and often can barely make it day to day. Who are you to deny them the same priveleges you get every day? As the most prosperous nation in the world, we've taken up the role of looking out for others. Yes, sometimes we really do screw up (Iraq could have gone a lot better), but overall we've done a lot more good than harm. You really don't seem to have any real idea how our active role in the world influences others, and what consequences isolationism would bring.
  8. Small guns and energy weapons are by far the best combat skills. Unarmed, melee, and (to a degree) big guns are merely interesting alternatives. You have chosen the hard path, but don't worry. Just be sure to get the best armor and the perk that gives you extra HP (is it Lifegiver?). Also, be sure to recruit the best buddies, namely Sulik, Cassidy, and Marcus.
  9. So are people angry just because it's chocolate, or because they think it's designed to ridicule their beliefs (not sure if it actually is or not)? Although I agree with Eldar's view of handling stuff like death threats, the majority of inappropriate Christian protesting is not serious enough to go to court and cannot be dealt with in that way. I would also extend the solution to encouraging and supporting positive forms of protest. Sunday sermons and classes usually focus on ways to implement biblical values into people's lives, so why not spend a couple weeks on healthy ways to express political and religious viewpoints? After all, the biggest complaint about Christianity generally is their treatment of those who disagree. You know, spouting hatred all the time doesn't make you appear more righteous, tough, or intelligent. It just makes you look like the very people you despise. Edit: What does QTF mean? I'm not very good at internet slang.
  10. You say you are obligated only to yourself, yet you support an economic system in which the strong are forced to carry the weak. Interesting.
  11. Wasn't Kivan in one of those forest areas post-Underdark that are all pointless and basically empty?
  12. Skynet


    If they want to make a movie about Thermopylae, I'd prefer that they would focus more on real history than a comic book. However, if the comic's influences are primarily artistic ones and don't intrude on what actually happened, this could give 300 a unique feel that seperates it from other recent Greek movies like Troy. Can anyone who has read the comic tell us a little more about it?
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    sry 4 this

    Does quoting you count?
  14. The national championship is about picking the two most deserving teams. It doesn't matter if it's a rematch. Personally, I see Florida as the best team to face Ohio in the championship. Their schedule is way harder than Michigan's.
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