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  1. I liked the shows. The Highlander series was pretty decent. Can't really remember too much about the movies. But to keep on topic, there is a slight similarity between the quickening and the Exile's absorbing the force from the masters as he kills them but the thing with the Exile is that it requires him/her to take the DS path. Aside from the visual effects, there is no connection.
  2. This is the spoilers forum. I don't see the point in using the spoiler tags in a spoilers forum. Everyone *should* expect to see spoilers in this forum. Hell, the guy asked for some. "
  3. It's not. (as best I know...) I said it was the sword that you get for completing Kashyyyk in K1.
  4. No, he means Bacca's blade. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah that's it, Bacca's Blade. I was thinking that, but it made me think of Chewbacca and I wasn't sure if I was right.
  5. Slightly off topic but on the subject of good swords, the name escapes me atm but the sword you get after finishing Kashyyyk in K1 was really good. I thought it was even better than most lightsabers once it was upgraded.
  6. And by K2 she would be 19 ... provided that Revan didn't kill her. I had forgotten about Yuthura though; she would have had my vote.
  7. Really? Are you serious about that Malak thing? If it's real, is there a way to trigger it on PC? Though I suspect this is a joke.
  8. or the stun droid series. That'll free the trapped jedi so that Malak can't use them without sucking the force from them. EDIT: For some reason I thought I was posting a couple of posts under this guy. He was talking about killing Malak.
  9. I thought Mission was cute, though a little young. I voted for Juhani though, no real reason though.
  10. I forget the name of the saber, but it's a two handed saber with only one blade. The handle is like silver with a sharp spike on one end and a saber blade on the other. It's from the ultimate saber mod, but it's really exotic looking. It looks really sweet.
  11. In my strong opinion, the lack of interactions between the Exile's companions, such as Mira and Mandalore is simply due to them being cut because of the rush status. I'm sure that given time to develope, there would have been many interactions and Mira and Mandalore would have had much to say to one another.
  12. Yeah you can, but it also turns off the blur on the swoops too. Maybe LC just wanted the speed blur removed and not the swoop blur.
  13. Oh I had no idea about this. I thought that DarthVala was saying that one of the Ubeese warriors was there but he/she could not interact with them and instead had that Cheat Node displayed where the name would be. :">
  14. I killed her once. It was fun, then you can be really evil and walk away silently as she cries out to you.
  15. Must be a bug. I always kill them all, never had any problems. I let either Hanhaar or Mira kill just the ones they need to kill to get to the door control, then let the exile kill the others... it's easier that way.
  16. I don't understand what you're talking about but I play PC and have never had any problems in that area, which I'm guessing you mean Visquis's hidden lair.
  17. Hey wanderon! It's good to see you. I think you'll be just fine with your H2H Consular, especially once you get Sith Lord. The fp bonuses are going to be massive. I did a consular/jedi master once, 97% (rough guess) of the enemies could not save from my force attacks. I would imagine that Sith Lord would have the same effect.
  18. Ok... Why would anyone name a ship for a rifle? That makes no sense.
  19. I was able to turn everyone except T3 to DS mastery by starting as LS then after the first Jedi Master planet I fell to the darkside. By doing that, I was able to get Mira and DS her because I went to Nar Shadaa first. The only reason I didn't get T3 to DS mastery was because I never used it to get the influence, but I used the on ship influence points to get it about half DS.
  20. No, HK-47 WAS named after a ship in a previous BioWare game.
  21. Fun Fact: AK-47 got its name because it was designed in the year 1947.
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